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Why are many dogs so hyper?

Updated on February 4, 2012

Hey everyone, in this hub i am going to teach everyone on why dogs are so hyper and how to cure anxiety.

My experience with hyper dogs

Well for starters I have 4 Siberian huskies at home and I love them to death but calming hyper dogs was a challenge for me. I got them all when they were puppies and I rescued them from an animal shelter. If I didn't adopt them they would have been euthanized before they even see a nice home. So I decided to adopt them and plus huskies are my favorite breed. When I first got them at home they were still exploring everything. They explored with their mouth. These pups would chew on wires and everything they could find. I didn't really let them walk around for safety purposes so they stayed in a confined space in my bedroom. Once they got a little older everything got crazy. They were aware of their surroundings and they did everything from running around to just jumping everywhere.

Things got so chaotic that I would have to leave the room for the dogs to themselves because they would keep jumping on me. This really bothered me a lot because I could never get their attention or even teach them a simple command like sit. Every time I would get their attention they would just see a toy lying around and go play instead. I was so tired of it so I went on yahoo answers and asked why are my dogs so hyper? I got many responses and people were giving me answers that were irrelevant like I need to feed my dogs. I fed my dogs’ everyday so I know that wasn't a good answer.

So my next step was to go the vet and ask questions. I asked my vet why are my dogs so hyper. She simply told me that she didn't know and in my head I though what kind of vet are you? Even my vet was useless to helping me understand why my dogs are so hyper. So I did some research and I found out the key to making my dogs calm and I’m going to share that with you.

How to makes dogs calm and not hyper

After I did my research I thought maybe if I make my dogs tired they wouldn't be hyper anymore. I though this method would of worked but I needed a way to test it to see if it would work or not. The main things I did to test this method was I walked my dogs for about 2 hours a day witch made them really tired. After our walks they would drink a whole bowl of water and then take a nap in the cold air conditioning. In my head I was like wow this actually worked and they were the calmest dogs ever. But once they woke up from their naps things went downhill. They would wake up and run and run and run over and over again. It was so irritating because I thought my method would have worked but at the end it failed. But then I thought maybe if I combine walking time with playtime maybe this would work. So after our walks they would drink their bowls of water and fall asleep. After they woke up and starting running around I decided to take them outside to play.

They played for about 2 hours and they were exhausted from running everywhere. Once they got inside they would take a nap and wake up in 3 hours. By the time they wake up all the lights are closed and I’m in bed so they have no choice but to fall asleep to and that’s exactly what they do. So my experiment was a success and everything worked. Now my dogs are more relaxed and they don’t even run around anymore. So the key to making your dogs calm to exercise them and tire them out until they just relax. There are such things as calming hyper dogs and non hyper dogs but if your dog is hyper you have to work hard to make them calm as can be.

Many people ask me what's the most hyper dog breeds. My answer to this question is always there is no such thing because all dogs are born different and can inherit different traits such as anxiety. For the people that have jobs and work busy hours I suggest that you hire a dog sitter and a dog walker to do this for you. Your dogs needs at least 4 hours of exercise everyday so hiring someone to do it for you the best thing.


Is your dog hyper?

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    • DrMark1961 profile image

      Dr Mark 5 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

      As a Siberian owner I was sure you would have answered that question "what is the most hyper breed?" with "the Siberian Husky, of course". I think they are great but it really does take pulling a sled all day to calm those dogs down. I am fortunate enough to own a fairly normal Pit Bull cross now, and she gets tired and calm like any normal dog.

    • profile image

      maxis 5 years ago

      my dogs are crazy and hyper i never let them inside and i feel bad because its so hot but they trash out the back yard i don't even want to look at it and i give them food and water everyday but they need some love but there just so so so so hyper and stinky i neeed to bath the mtoday and that's gonna be a hassil