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Why can’t dogs eat grapes?

Updated on July 9, 2009

Ten dogs were rushed to an animal clinic because of food poisoning. Three were put to sleep because they have been non-responsive to treatments. Two died. The other five survived because of aggressive medical procedures. The toxic culprit? The innocuous looking bunch of grapes! Not very many dog owners know that grapes as well as raisins when consumed in large amount can have potentially dangerous effects on the life of the pet.

The red, green and black sweet grapes are jam packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. What makes these little gems more desirable is the fact they are low in calories. A weight watcher can enjoy bunch after bunch of grapes to reap the healthful benefits without worrying about gaining unwanted inches. These small harmless looking fruits however, can have dangerous effects on our four legged canine friends. Studies have been conducted on these fruits but until now it was not verified why dogs should not be allowed to eat grapes.

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Why can’t I feed my dog grapes?

Grapes are perfectly safe for humans. Why is this fruit poisonous to dogs? Can it be due to the fertilizers and pesticides? Are the dogs poisoned because they swallow the fruit unpeeled? What is more perplexing with this fruit is the fact that some dogs seem to be unaffected by the toxin. Dog owners and dog trainers often use grapes and raisins as treats when training the dog. Additionally, it was observed that consumption of large quantities of grapes is lethal. Some dogs would be affected by ingesting a handful of grapes and raisins while some dog will not be affected at all. 

Grape toxicity symptoms

Behavioral change can be seen instantly once the dog has ingested large quantities of grapes. The dog will be highly agitated and become hyperactive. This will be followed by depression and lethargy. The dog will vomit and have diarrhea. The feces and the vomitus will contain partially digested grapes or raisins. It will be apparent that the dog is experiencing abdominal pains. The dog will be dehydrated. Because the dog’s system can no longer filter the toxins, the dog will not be able to pass urine.  When left untreated the dog have kidney failure. This will result to the death of the dog.


The best cure for grape toxicity would be prevention. Do not give and allow your dog to get hold of grapes and raisins. If you noticed that the dog has consumed large or even small quantities of grapes and raisins, you better rush the pet to a veterinary facility. Aggressive treatments such as stomach pumping and inducing vomiting, administering activated charcoal and intravenous fluids will be done to save the life of the pet.

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    • profile image

      Julia 5 years ago

      I have a lab and he just got feed one grape is theat ok?

    • profile image

      woffie 5 years ago

      i just ate a bunch of grapes....should i try to get my human to take me to vet?

    • jackinabox profile image

      jackinabox 5 years ago

    • profile image

      Seanna 5 years ago

      What's activated charcoal where do u get it and what are the effects

    • profile image

      Lici 5 years ago

      My Cocker Spaniel just ate 15 grapes... after eating 20 two days ago. I am started to et scared.

    • profile image

      breannnnnnnna 6 years ago

      i can't even begin to even, with a paraket up my ass, and such. then i accidentaly the whole bottle all over the.

    • profile image

      Pauly D 6 years ago

      I feed my dog a bag of grapes once a week, he's doin OK

    • profile image

      Britluigi 6 years ago

      What Happens if a shihtzu maltese eats 5-8 very small grapes?

    • vickiturner profile image

      vickiturner 6 years ago

      I give my dog the odd grape. It's never done him any harm and I guess one grape isn't going to do much. Interesting article though!

    • bye4June profile image

      bye4June 6 years ago

      That was really interesting and informational. Thanks!

    • Schatzie Speaks profile image

      Schatzie Speaks 6 years ago from US

      it's crazy to think about isn't it? i read dogs have eaten the leftovers of vineyard pressings and even experienced acute renal failure from that!

    • profile image

      XDDXDD 6 years ago

      I have an Alaskan Malamute, but I am taking care of my friends shih tzu. I know he's small but he's crazy. Anyway, he started throwing up a lot and I think it could be the leaves he's eating from my plant. (some are poisonous)Help!

    • profile image

      Tristan 6 years ago

      What if a 20-30 pound dog ate 10-20 grapes

    • jackinabox profile image

      jackinabox 6 years ago

      Margarita. No you do not. Just make sure to remove the chicken bones first.

    • profile image

      Margarita.... 7 years ago

      Do I need to get scared........everytime I make chicken soup, I let my dogs have the contains leeks, sort of like onion in taste...please advice me...I stop immediately now of course, but, will it have a long temr effect? Thanks.

    • jackinabox profile image

      jackinabox 7 years ago

      Ingesting a small amount of grapes is usually not a problem. If you observe signs of food poisoning after your dog has eaten grapes - Contact yout vet.

    • profile image

      jenna znamenak 7 years ago

      what if your 10 pound dog ate 2 red grape do i need to rush her to the pet clinic

    • profile image

      CIndy 7 years ago

      wow...this was very interesting...thank you!