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Why do cats run away? male cats inpaticular?

Updated on July 22, 2011
this was on Christmas, he found his present  under the tree.
this was on Christmas, he found his present under the tree. | Source
I will miss you my sweet kitty Mr.
I will miss you my sweet kitty Mr. | Source

My own personal expirence with this issue

My 5 year old cat M.J. recently ran away. My husband and I are moving 3 hours away from here to pursue a better Job opportunity. While we were packing, M.J. would get into the boxes and play, he began wanting to go outside a lot more and I let him because I needed to get things packed up and this helped me to do that without a cat being in the box.

Every time I have ever had a male cat they have been unattached to me, they love me and show me love but they are naturally a very independent creature. I don't know if this is true in anyone else's case, but it just has always been this way with me. If you can recall the movie "Homeward Bound" with the sassy Siamese cat named "sassy", and the two beautiful dogs "shadow" and "chance". They went on an epic journey to find their people after they thought they had been abandoned. If we could only imagine what animals truly think about us we would be probably very impressed or very heart broken. You can tell how they love you though by their commitment to you. Now I have to say that M.J. and I were very close in the beginning, of course there was a lot of a difference then. for one I wasn't dating anyone, I lived alone and so I gave him my full attention all the time. And now that I am pregnant I think he sensed that he was becoming less and less of the main importance in the house. He loved my husband and his kids, and he loved me but I think he may have felt that he was becoming a shadowed family member. In other wards, falling into the background and not having enough attention paid to him. But I fear not. I know he knows how to fend for himself until another family picks him up along the way. When I had found him I had a strong impression that he ran away from some body else's home. He just seemed very comfortable around people. And he has always been very loving. So he may just be a traveling cat, coming into peoples lives to love on them for a while and when their lives begin to get better, he moves on to find another family that needs his love.

There are a thousand different ways you can look at a situation like this. These are just my own interpretations of what may have happened. I would usually cry like a 5 year old that dropped her ice cream cone on the ground, over this situation, but I have faith that everything will be just fine. I know that in all of my studies of cats and their behavior, it always leads back to the same thing, Male cats are too independent to really be a full fixture in a house hold of any kind. My mother and many other people would disagree. One reason being that my mother has had her male cat since he was a kitten and he has never run away from her. But of course he had become dependent on her for food and shelter and hadn't had to fend for himself ever. And some people have male cats that stick around forever just because their breed (mixed or not) has given them a particular personality to "mooch" off of people. This doesn't mean they don't love you, Im sure they do more than you would ever know. But many many years ago, according to my studies, cats and dogs were bred to be human friendly pets, to lose their "natural ferrel behavior" so that they could be kept in houses to (in the cats case) keep mice from spoiling their food supply, and in the dogs case, to protect the family and pretty much be used as a living garbage disposal so that wild animals would not sneak into the house and reek havoc on the food supply from the smell of spoiling leftovers. Could you imagine having a wild ferrel cat or dog in your home? They would do some pretty hard core permanent damage.

Well as much as I love my M.J. I am sure I will probably never see him again. And I don't mean this in a pessimistic way, I just got to know his personality while I had had him. And I have to say that my only shred of advice to anyone seeking to bring a cat into their home, Get a female cat. They tend to be much easier to keep in the family, This is only my own experience from have 6 male cats in my life that have all at one point or another just simply ran away when I had done everything the way I was supposed to with them. The 3 female cats I have had died of old age with me and I still have the 3rd female cat. She never seems to want to leave my side. Im sure I will write more about her in a later Hub, but until then, have a good day and I hope I have helped some one in some way or at least given some one a good read.


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    • whiplashlawyer profile image

      whiplashlawyer 6 years ago from Denver,Colorado,USA

      I also love pets. But the though hurt me that they can leave anytime without any clue.