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Why do dog eat dirt?

Updated on October 26, 2009

The dirt eating concern

Isn't it frustrating to see the pet not only rolling in dirt but eating the dirt as well? The pet that you spend so much time to groom, spend a fortune on high quality dog food and on regular vet care. Every loving pet owner would want the best for the furry friend. Pets are constant sources of joy. These four legged creatures share not only our home but also managed to ensconce themselves in our hearts

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Reasons why dog eat dirt

One main reason why dogs eat dirt is hunger. Hunger is not only common in stray dogs but also in pets with irresponsible owners. Feeding the dog the right kind and the right amount of food is not only necessary to give the dog the needed calories but more importantly to ensure the pet's good health. A healthy dog will be relatively free from diseases and will have a longer life span.

Dogs eat dirt because the food they are given are deficient in vital nutrients. Low quality commercial foods are made of carbohydrate fillers and known to be deficient in key nutrients. It is pretty mind-boggling how dogs know that their diet is nutrient deficit and they take it in the paws to solve the matter at hand by eating dirt.

Dirt eating can be a sign of an exiting disease. You may wonder why your pet is still eating dirt in spite of the fact that you are giving him high quality food. Some dog have a genetic disorder that prevents the digestive system from absorbing key nutrients.

Eating dirt is a manifestation of boredom. Some bored dogs would irritate the neighbors with incessant barking, others would decide to "redo" the landscaping, some are determined to decorate the furniture and carpets with their teeth marks and other would eat dirt. Dogs seek human companionship. These are intelligent creatures and they would know how to gain the attention of their masters.

Risks of eating dirt

Dogs must be prevented from eating dirt. Needless to say, dirt eating has harmful effects to our furry friends. Dirt can have harmful chemicals that when ingested could poison the dog. Dirt eating could also result to intestinal worm infestation.

Ways to curve the dirt eating habit

Since dirt eating can be a sign of vitamin and mineral deficiency, owners can solve this concern by giving the pet high quality and nutrient rich foods. This can be bought from reputable pet shops and from veterinary facilities. Moreover, pet owners should ensure that the pet is given the attention and companionship it craves.

Doggies eat dirt


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