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Why do dogs piddle when greeted or excited?

Updated on February 18, 2012

Dogs don’t have the ability to talk but these highly intelligent animals have ways to make humans understand what they want to say. A dog owner would surely be annoyed by the pet’s indiscriminate urinating behavior. No one would be glad to continuously face the tedious task of removing the dog’s stench inside the home. You may have owned a dog for years but you may not be aware of the fact that these four legged friends tend to make a puddle when they are excited. Scared dogs that urinate accidentally would be understandable given that even humans wet their pants too when confronted with an extremely frightening situation.

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The excited dog

Dogs, especially puppies get easily excited. The dog will be excited with a new toy, with loud sounds and with new situations such as guests arriving in the home. Because dogs form strong bond with the family, the dog will get excited when it is effusively greeted by a family member that has just arrived. Dogs are social animals; they crave interaction with other animals and with its people. A dog would always want to participate in the activities of the family. Since this is not always possible, the dog will get too excited when the family arrives. The excited dog will piddle. This is known as submissive urination.

Submissive urination

Urinating when excited is a normal canine behavior. Submissive urination is commonly seen when dominant and submissive dogs interact. The submissive dog would lie down and urinate. The dog is in fact acknowledging the other dog as the dominant one. Although submissive urination is usually manifested by submissive dogs, the act is also seen in excited dogs. A dog that is effusively greeted by its favorite person will be very excited and happy. Urination is a communication tool used by the dog to show its people that the attention lavished on him is appreciated.

Can the dog be stopped from piddling?

The indiscriminate urinating habit of the dog is not life threatening. However, there is still a need get rid of the unwanted behavior. Since the dog urinates when it is excited, the unwanted behavior can be easily stopped by getting rid of the stimulus that excites the dog. You know that the dog gets extremely excited when you get home. When you hug and pet the dog, Fido would leak in your shoes. Instead of greeting, give the dog a toy as soon as you open the door. Ignore the dog for a while. Since you know that it would piddle, ask a family member to bring the dog outside. Greet the dog only when it has settled down.

Dog is so excited that he pees


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