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Why do dogs eat bugs?

Updated on July 6, 2009

Dogs are valued members of the family. These animals are considered to be one of the well cared for pets.  A healthy and well groomed pet is the pride of its owner. It is really quite amusing to see dogs sporting fashionable dog apparel and bejeweled collars. It goes without saying that dogs are provided with premium quality foods as well. Dogs are loyal and affectionate creatures. This is why an owner will spare no expense if it is for the welfare of the pet. Dogs though have some very disconcerting habits. One of which is eating bugs.

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Like owner…like dog

Some types of bugs are considered to be exotic foods. The dog has probably acquired a taste for bugs because the owner has a preference for this food too.

The nature of the dog

Dogs, especially puppies have a very curious nature. Some breeds retain the curious personality even when they mature. The fleeting bug can make the dog very curious. Dogs are noted to be voracious eaters. Dogs are carnivorous but they are omnivorous as well. Add the fact that dogs are scavengers and you will have an animal that eats anything.


The dog may eat bugs because it is not given enough food. The dog would eat anything to assuage its hunger. Stray dogs are forced to eat anything to fill their bellies.

A call for quality food

We know that dogs are intelligent animals but are we aware that their intelligence is far superior to what we have? Dogs have the uncanny ability to know what is wrong with their system. Can the dog’s bug eating habit is being done to fill up a nutrient deficiency? Cheap commercial dog foods mostly contain cereal fillers. The pet may be anemic and the habit to eat bugs is a wakeup call to the owner to provide the pet with a more nutritious diet.

Behavioral problem

Being pack animals dogs would constantly crave for companionship. A dog would be happiest if it is surrounded by its people and allowed to participate in the activities of the family. A dog that is left alone most of the time will be bored. Bored dogs can be destructive and can manifest abhorrent behaviors like eating feces and bugs.

Dealing with the bug eating behavior of the pet

Most bugs are harmless and ingestion of these bugs can actually be beneficial to the pet as they are considered to be good sources of protein. However, ingestion of some bugs can cause stomach upset. To be on the safe side it would be best to prevent the dog from eating bugs.

dog eats bug

My Dog Eating A Bug

Dog eating a Huhu Beetle


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