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Why do dogs fart?

Updated on January 14, 2009

Is the dog embarrassing you or are you passing the blame on the dog? Both humans and dogs fart. If you have a cozy get together with your friends and suddenly a very nasty smell clears the rooms instantly. Who do you think cut the cheese? A dog’s fart is certainly awful.


Dogs fart or flatulence can be a problem in some dogs. Gas or flatulence is developed in the digestive track when bacteria react with undigested food. Apart from the smell, flatulence is actually not a serious problem. A dog’s fart may be disturbing especially if you are sharing the room with the dog or the dog is riding in your car. In the car, you simply open the window and the unwanted smell will be gone after a while. A big dose of air freshener will take care of the smell in the room. But of course these are only temporary remedies.

What do you feed your dog?

In most cases, the kind of diet has a lot to do with the dog’s wind problem. Some foods are not fit for the canine digestive system. Some dogs are lactose intolerant and consuming dairy products can result to the emission of noxious fumes.

More cash, less smell of gas

Generic brands of dog food are mostly made up of cereal fillers. These inexpensive dog food may give your pet a feeling of fullness but it will also create a gas problem or worsen an exiting one. High quality food that lists chicken, beef or lamb as the main ingredient can be heavy on the pocket but it will ensure the good health of the pet. Since this kind of dog food is mostly digested there will be lesser poops to shovel and lesser incidence of silent but deadly fume emissions.

Other remedies

Some dog owners find a teaspoon of low-fat yogurt to be effective in reducing the wind problem of the dog. The yogurt contains live bacteria culture that reduces gas. Giving the dog activated charcoal tablet is another option. This tablet absorbs gas but it also absorbs the nutrients from the food. This should be used with caution.

If all else fail, wouldn’t you think it is the right time to pay the vet a visit? The lethal smell from the dog’s rear end can be due to an impacted anal gland. If nothing is wrong with the anal gland and the dog simply has the touch of excessive wind, a new product in the market could be the solution-the Dogone thong. This is made up of activated charcoal cloth that eliminates flatulence odors


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