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Why do dogs fart?

Updated on January 15, 2009

All dogs fart, some with hardly a sound and some emissions are coupled with sound that startled even the farting dog. It is really quite funny to see a dog fart, jump at the sound and look at his behind as if blaming another fellow for the sound not to mention for the very nasty smell.

What is farting?

Gas or farting is also known as flatulence. Flatulence or gas fart is formed in the large intestines. This part of the intestines has a large amount of enzyme that reacts with the undigested food resulting to the formation of gas. A fart is a combination of methane, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. This gas build up will exit the body through the anus of the dog.

The dog food

The wind problem of the dog can be due to the diet. Of course different breeds would react differently to various dog foods but there some foods are known to cause flatulence. Hard to digest soya products, milk/lactose products, vegetables and raw meat that is no longer fresh are known to cause gas build up. Poor quality dog foods that are mostly made of cereal fillers cause constipation. A constipated dog would pass gas very often.

The eating habit

A dog that eats too quickly and swallows too fast is also gulping large amounts of air. This causes flatulence. The build up of gas can be attributed to over eating. This can be avoided by changing the ration of the dog. Instead of one huge meal a day, try giving the dog several meals with smaller rations. Eating quickly is common if dogs are allowed to eat together in one large feeding bowl. The dog would naturally gulp down the food to get the most food. Allow the dog to eat from separate doggie bowls. Crushing the food into little bits will make the dog eat smaller amounts at a time. Using an elevated feeding bowl can also help to avoid the build up of gas.


Take the dog on long walks or a run in the park. The dog will emit the gas in the open and not inside the house. Moreover, exercise will stimulate a bowel movement. We know that constipation is another cause of flatulence.

Activated charcoal tablets

These tablets are usually given to breed that have the propensity to fart. Poodle, Doberman, German Shepherds, Beagle and Dalmatians are only some of the breeds that cut the cheese too often. An activated charcoal tablet absorbs the gas from the intestinal tract.

Tucker the farting dog

Dog farting

Dog flatulence

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