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Why do dogs need their teeth brushed?

Updated on July 8, 2009

Why should I brush my dog’s teeth? Dogs don’t get cavities anyway. Sounds familiar?Are you one of the dog owners that believe brushing the dog’s teeth is unnecessary? Actually brushing the dog’s teeth can be a challenging task given that most dogs would be uncooperative. But if you are brushing your teeth regularly don’t you think the pet would benefit from good oral hygiene too? Dogs are regularly groomed. Some dog owners would not hesitate to pay top dollar to make the dog look good. Unfortunately, teeth brushing is often left out and not included in the grooming routine.

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The need to brush the dog’s teeth

Keeping the dog’s mouth and teeth clean is very necessary to avoid teeth and gum diseases. Remember, dogs are much loved pets. They are cuddled and kissed. Because dogs are affectionate creatures, they bestow sloppy kisses on its favorite person. Surely you would not want to be kissed by a pet with a less than appealing breath. Moreover, think of these animals’ tendency to eat spoiled food, rotten things and feces. Whew! Brushing the teeth would be very necessary to prevent plaque and tartar build up that can result to bad breath, gum problems as well as dental infections that that can lead to major medical concerns like heart ailments.

Maintaining the dog’s good oral hygiene

The plaque and tartar when allowed to build up would not only cause bad breath but it would also lead to teeth problems and gum diseases. The food enters through the mouth. Because of the dog’s indiscriminate eating habit it is expected that the mouth will be full of germs. Needless to say, the food that will be ingested will most likely be contaminated.

Brushing the dog’s mouth

It would be best to get the dog accustomed to teeth brushing while it is still a puppy.  Older dogs would easily adapt to this part of grooming if they are accustomed to being touched. There are several types of canine toothbrushes to choose from. You can use a pet toothbrush, a finger brush, a dental sponge or pad. When you brush your dog’s teeth don’t use your own toothpaste.  Human toothpaste can upset the stomach of your pet. There are many types of toothpaste specially formulated for pets. The flavored toothpaste make the task of brushing the pet easier as the dog loves the taste. At first, it would be best to try brushing only the front teeth of the dog. Once the dog is accustomed to the feel of the toothbrush you can move on to the hard to reach teeth.

How to Brush Your Pet's Teeth

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

How to Brush a Dog's Teeth


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