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Why do dogs roll in the grass?

Updated on March 11, 2012

Dogs are one of the best loved animals. Dog owners would always have something to tell about the pet. Of course the pet can be a pest sometimes because of its disconcerting behaviors. But no matter what they do, dogs are loved anyway. Dogs have been the companion of man for thousands of years but these four legged friends have some habits that are perplexing to man. One of these is the dog’s obvious enjoyment in rolling in the grass.

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For pleasure

Who wouldn’t be enticed with a bed of green grass that is glistening with the morning dew? Dogs are exuberant…they are full of life. A dog would roll in the grass for no other reason than for the sheer enjoyment of being alive.

An itch?

A dog that rolls in the grass can have an allergy. The dog is simply scratching its back and its belly on the grass because the rough grass blades ease the itch. Rolling in the grass feels sooooo good!

To cover up

Dogs are creatures of habit and routine. We usually smell the shampoo and the soap we buy for the dog. But the smell that is good for humans may be abhorrent for the dog. Remember, dogs are noted for their heightened scenting abilities. So what would Snoopy do after you have spent hours bathing and grooming the dog? The dog would run in the backyard and roll in the grass to cover up the smell of the shampoo or dog soap you have used with the smell of grass. Just be thankful that you have already cleaned and removed the dog’s poop in the yard.

Marking the territory

Dogs are territorial animals. They claim a spot as their territory by marking it with their poop or urine. Rolling in the grass is another way by which dogs mark the territory. When they roll in the grass, the unique one of a kind smell of the dog is rubbed off on the grass to announce to other dogs that it is already taken.

The good nose of a dog

A pee… a poop… the smell of a rotting toad…all these interesting smells can be found by the ultrasensitive nose of the dog in the grass. A dog’s nose is much, much more sensitive to what we humans have. We may not be able to smell these things but the dog easily can. Take note of the dog’s excessive fondness for abhorrent smells. So the dog would roll in the grass to be able to get the doggie cologne on its fur.

Great Dane 21 rolls

crazy dog rolls around in the grass after a bath

Molly the Cairn Terrier Rolls in the Grass


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