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Why do dogs sleep?

Updated on July 5, 2009

Aside from being beloved pets and companions, dogs perform a variety of roles as well. Dogs are one of the reasons why you sleep soundly at night. Dogs guard the family and the family’s belongings. However, these animals are great sleepers. Dogs are noted to sleep from 12 to 16 hours everyday. This means that these animals spend one half of their lives getting a close-eye. Dogs would not pass the opportunity to have Zzzzzs every chance it could get.

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Healthful benefits of sleeping

Humans and dogs are about 90% similar in genetics. Dogs would not care why they sleep but we humans know that sleeping like eating is a life sustaining activity. Damaged cells of the body are repaired when a person is sleeping. Aside from improving blood circulation, we feel energetic and refreshed when we had a good nights sleep. There is no definitive reason why dogs sleep but it is assumed that the benefits we derive from sleep is true with dogs as well. Dogs are intelligent creatures. They have an uncanny knack of knowing what is good for their bodies. Notice how they would eat grass to remove the toxins they have ingested. It would not be surprising if dogs know the benefits they would gain from sleeping.

A dog’s sleeping pattern

The number of hours spent by a dog sleeping would depend on the activity and on the environment. Working dogs would have less time to sleep than domesticated dogs. Herding dogs for instance would need to be constantly on their toes to guard the flock against predators, to herd and to bring back strays. A domesticated dog that has no other activity to do would have lots of time to sleep. What dog wouldn’t be enticed to sleep if it is in a temperature controlled home and was provided by the master comfortable blankets and well padded beds?

Other reasons why dogs sleep

Bored dogs would sleep a lot. Dogs that are left at home most of the day with no other dogs or toys to play with would sleep for lack of other activities to do. Owners of dogs that sleep when bored are lucky as other bored dogs would develop destructive behaviors.  Dogs are noted to be great sleepers but the tendency to sleep can be due to an underlying medical concern. Sick dogs are sluggish and noted to sleep a lot too. Dog owners should always take note of a rather out of the ordinary behavior of the dog. Dogs are energetic but some breeds are noted to be lazy and to sleep a lot. Excessive sleeping coupled with great appetite can be dangerous to the health of the dog.


Small Dog Sleeping

Dog sleeping i awkward position


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