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Why do dogs sleep at your feet?

Updated on May 9, 2011

Have you ever considered why a dog would choose to have cricks in the neck and to be very uncomfortable by sleeping at your feet instead of lying down on its soft well padded dog bed? Every time you move the dog’s sleep will be disrupted. We love our dogs. We always want them to be around to be cuddled, petted and kissed. Most dogs would get as close to the master every opportunity they can get. Dogs would lean on the master’s legs, would immediately sidle when the master sits down to watch TV to sleep in the master’s feet. A Shih Tzu or any other toy breeds can sleep on your feet as long as they want. But it would be another matter if the dog that will use your feet as a bed is a 130 lbs. German Shepherd Dog. The dog is not the only one that will sleep. Your feet will sleep as well.

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Velcro Animals

Dogs have gained the title Velcro animals because of their tendency to stick to their masters. If you have a dog that gets closely attached to you be prepared to have a shadow. The dog will follow you wherever you go. A dog’s way of thinking is at times amusing. Since the dog would always want to accompany the master what can be a better way than making the feet of the master as a pillow?

A dog’s bed

Dogs have come a long way. From living in the wild, braving the elements and subsisting on whatever food they can get, dogs are now provided with all the food they can consume. Although some dogs live in a kennel in the yard, most pets are living in temperature controlled homes. Some owners have even provided their beloved pets with orthopedic beds. This would make you wonder why these animals would choose to be uncomfortable by sleeping on the master’s feet.

A dog’s pack mentality

Dogs are pack oriented animals. Dogs thrive in a well defined hierarchy. Dogs perceive the human family as its pack and the master as the alpha dog. Dogs lower in rank are expected to be submissive to the leader of the pack. In the wild, dogs in a pack sleep together. The alpha dog basically would claim a higher ground for its sleeping area and dogs lower in rank would sleep on lower ground. This is an act of submission to the leader.


Sleeping at the master’s feet may have no other connotation than the affection the dog has for his master. Being tactile animals, dogs would want to touch the master even when sleeping.

welsh corgi pembroke puppy sleeping on my feet

Shiba Inu Puppy Sleeping


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    • profile image

      Dollie Goad 

      6 years ago

      My boys are jealous of each other. One sleeps at my feet all the time. The other tries to get in my lap every chance he can. But they get along very well together. When you have 2 BIG dogs this can get uncomfortable. But I love my boys.

    • ThussaysNanaMarie profile image


      7 years ago from In my oyster

      Keep writing thanks


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