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Why do dogs smell?

Updated on December 29, 2009

Dogs smell. Although some breeds are hyped to have no doggie smell, majority of the dog breeds have doggie smells. Dogs are considered to be part of the family thus they are provided with everything they need. Because dogs share the homes of their masters, they are regularly groomed. These animals have descended from the wolves and although they were domesticated for hundreds of years, some primitive habits would kick in from time to time. Dogs have the propensity to dig and to roll in obnoxious smelling things. It would not be surprising for these animals to have horrible smells.

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The dog’s fur and skin

The dog’s abhorrent smell may be due to a dirty fur. This is most common in long haired breeds. Dried feces and other smelly things may cling to the fur of the dog causing the stench. Because dogs eat anything, plastic and cloths may not be fully excreted by the dog and get stuck along with the feces in the dog’s anal area. Dogs hate being bathed but they love swimming in stagnant smelly water. The fur that has dried without being rinsed will smell. Damp fur will be an ideal place for bacteria to grow. The dog’s smell can be due to bacteria build up. Experts tell us that it would not do to bathe the dog frequently as it would remove the natural oils of the skin. Excessive natural oils however would cause the dog to stink if the fur is not thoroughly dried.

Medical reasons

The dog’s abhorrent smell can be due to an underlying medical reason. Canine halitosis is one of the symptoms of kidney diseases and diabetes. The dog’s foul smell may come from an infected ear, an impacted anal gland or bad breath due to gum infections. Although quite temporary, flatulence can be the reason for the dog’s bad smell. Bad smell will permeate the air every time the dog “salutes the queen”.

Getting rid of the dog’s bad smell

Dog’s do not sweat thus they do not have the nose wrinkling smell of sweat on human bodies. But dogs have the unaccountable desire to raid trash cans and to roll in obnoxious smelling things. A bath will certainly remove the stinking smell of the pet. No amount of shampoo, dog soap and warm water will remove the stink if it is caused by an impacted anal gland, ear infections or canine halitosis. The dog’s anal gland must be expressed and a vet’s attention would be necessary to manage the medical condition of the pet.

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