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Why do dogs stick their heads out of car windows?

Updated on June 13, 2009

Dogs are very intelligent creatures. These pets would be affectionate and loving to the members of the family but some dogs are known to cozy up to whoever is holding the car keys. Of course there are a few who get car sick but generally, dogs would never say no to a car ride. Dogs simply like to ride in a car and when they do they like to stick their heads out of the window. Some dogs have even mastered the art of opening automatic car windows.

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Reasons why dogs stick their head out of car windows

Some people would not care for open car windows as the wind can mess up their hair, they can smell the exhaust of other vehicles, and they get fed up with the noise and a lot more other reasons. A great majority though would like to have their car windows open especially on a fine day. In this case humans and dogs would have the same reason for opening car windows. The only difference is the fact that humans know better and would not dare stick their head out of the windows unlike the dogs. Dogs would stick their heads out because they want to feel the cooling breeze on their faces.

Dogs would stick their heads out of car windows because they want to get a better view of the scenery they are passing. For these furry friends, “running” trees and houses would be a spectacular sight. Dogs also like the feeling of moving fast. Dogs have an acute sense of smell. When they do stick their heads out of car windows they are exposed to innumerable smells. Dogs will smell food, humans as well as other dogs.

Is the habit dangerous?

Allowing the pet to stick its head out of the car window can be dangerous to the health and life of the dog. The dog can be seriously injured by tree branches, stones and dirt. The dog may jump out of the window or may be accidentally thrown out if the car suddenly swerved.

What to do to help the pet

We do love our dogs and we would like to give them whatever will make them happy. However the safety of the pet should be the priority of a responsible owner. If the dog really likes to feel the wind on its face the car window can be opened a bit. Provide doggie goggles for your dog and teach your dog to be accustomed to wearing seatbelts. This way you are giving in to the whim of your pet and at the same time ensuring its safety.

Hound dog car window

Puppy dog sticking his head out the car window at night


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    • jtrader profile image

      jtrader 4 years ago

      Little kids like to do it too but adults won't let them ;-)

      Voted up and funny!