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Why dogs chases car and bikers at nights?

Updated on April 12, 2016

It’s very common to see the dogs chasing bikers and cars at night, do you know why they chase and why they chases them only at nights? Also, you may get worried if your dog has this behavior because chasing a fast moving vehicle can be unsafe for them and also that’s dangerous for drivers and can be the cause for serious accidents, they may lose control and balance. Most of the time car chasers are getting injured by the other vehicles passing around. So the dogs must be trained to stop this behavior and to train them you must know why they chase the vehicles?


Why dog chases moving objects

It’s an instinctive behavior for the dogs to chase the cars, bikers and other vehicles. Actually it’s their natural behavior inherited from their ancestors. Dogs are descendant from carnivores like wolves, coyote, jackals and they do share some similar characteristics.

1. Inherited Character

In wild wolves are jackal need athletic endurance to chase their prey down and dogs have inherited this instinct. They love to chase the fast moving objects, you can observe they love to chase other running dogs or even their owners also. For a trial you take them to the park leave them free and keep walking – you can notice that the dog will be wandering around you. But the moment you will start jogging or running your dog will start chasing you, that’s a game for them. But you may wonder, if chasing is a game for them and they love to chase all moving objects then why they do chase vehicles at nights only.

2. Adopted as a game

Dog learning to chase joggers
Dog learning to chase joggers

Sometime we do not know or care that we are teaching our dog to chase. Dogs are playful pets which need a lot of running and exercise. Sometime when they are not getting sufficient exercise and running they make chasing a game. You may have an easy observation,

  • Take your pet to the park and leave them free – you can see dogs will be wandering around you and playing together but usually wont chase others.
  • Start jogging or running, your dog will start chasing you that’s a game for them. If that continues longer for couple of days, then dog will learn that a game and will be habituated.
  • Next day don't play (run) with them, dog will demand you again and again to play.
  • And if he won't get his demand fulfill then he will start chasing other joggers in the park. Initially he will take it a game but when he will get the response people are afraid and running away he will feel alpha and will make chasing a practice.

3. Territorial Eccentricity


The territorial behaviour is another inherited character that dogs had got from wolves. They are also territorials like other carnivores like wolves, coyote and jackals. In the day time they have not been much active because of a lot of noise, traffic and disturbance. But at night they feel they had taken control on to their territory and when they see any new object encroaching their territory they bark and chase that.

Also, you will agree, at nights they bark and chases to the person walking on the road, but don’t do that at day time. So it's not true, they chases only cars, bike or moving objects they also chases the other animals, dogs and humans in their territory.

They do attack at day time also

4. Annoyed by noise and disturbance

Dogs are highly sensitive to noise, in day time they use to sleep under the cars or at some hidden place to avoid noise from vehicle, horn and sirens but at night they became more active. You can observe some specific high pitch sounds can trigger howls of dogs, the sound which the feel irritated like siren, violin and some others they will start howl.

At night when usually it became silent they became more proactive and any noise creates more pitched and irritation to them. When they see any car or bike making noise they chase them and after some chases that became a habit and a game for them.

Dog howl on violin sound

Why dogs do chases the cars and bikers at night?

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