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Why does a dog lick its butt?

Updated on April 12, 2012

The dog that has been licking its butt enthusiastically stopped to welcome its master with a sloppy kiss. Yuck!! Why do dogs love to lick their butts? Can it be because the master has yet again forgotten to give the pet a roll of toilet paper or has someone used the dog’s washcloth? Only the dog would know why it licks its butt.

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Keeping clean

Licking is a dog thing. The rather long tongue is the dog’s very own wash cloth. Although licking the fur is most common in cats dogs are seen licking themselves too. Licking the genital and the anal area is a learned habit. Mother dogs would clean the excrements of the puppies by licking their butts. Dogs are really very intelligent animals. Humans shake hands to greet each other. Because dogs sniff each other butts when they meet it stands to reason that the butt must be kept free of feces smell.

Impacted anal gland

Butt licking may be due to an impacted anal gland. An impacted anal gland is extremely uncomfortable for the dog. The dog would scoot and lick its anal area in an attempt to empty the anal gland.

Butt licking is an indication of a medical concern

Excessive butt licking can be the dog’s cry for help. Intestinal parasite infestation, hemorrhoids and other medical concerns can be the cause of the butt licking habit. It would be best to take the dog to the vet’s to rule out medical concerns.

The dog’s excellent sense of smell

The dog has developed the habit of licking its butt simply because it likes the smell of its butt. Remember, dogs have the propensity to roll in abhorrent smelling things and to eat feces as well. The dog may be licking its but to get another taste of the canine delicacy.

A foreign body in the anal area

Dogs eat anything. Even well fed ones will not pass up the chance to eat aluminum foils with bits of food on it. The dog would raid trash cans and eat plastic wrappers. Bored dogs would gnaw at anything. These animals ingest indigestible objects as well. The dog that is licking its butt may be trying to remove a piece of cloth or plastic wrapper stuck in its anus.

Helping the butt licking pet

Provide the dog with toys it can lick instead of its butt. Dogs would need assistance to keep their anal area clean. It would be a good idea to trim excess hair around the dog’s anus. Licking is dog thing but a responsible owner would try to know the reason for the pet’s behavior.

How to Express a Dog's Anal Glands


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      6 years ago

      very interesting.


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