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Why dog dogs hate cats?

Updated on January 15, 2009

While there are dogs that would play with a cat, would sleep snuggled with a cat and would even allow the cat to steal food from his doggie bowl there are also dogs that would chase an easily crush and kill a cat with its powerful jaw. For hundreds of years cats and dogs have been depicted as arch enemies.

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Are they really enemies?

The “fighting like cats and dogs” phrase was probably coined from the kind of relationship these animals have. Fighting cats and dogs are depicted in cartoons and for years have been the subject of children’s books. But are these animals really enemies? Is it possible that the feud resulted out of a misunderstanding? 

Dogs are naturally playful animals. Dogs chase each other. Chasing, especially for puppies is so much fun. Chasing the cat can be considered as playtime by the dog however, the very dignified cat would think otherwise. The size of the dog is already intimidating for a cat. The obvious strength would make a cat or any other animal with the cat’s stature to run for their life.

A misunderstanding

A dog with a wagging tail is conveying its friendly personality. On the other hand, a cat’s wagging tail means anger. Dogs sniff each other when they first meet. Cats would be outraged by this kind of greeting. The result…endless chasing around the room and around the house! The chase would only be stopped if the cat managed to climb a tree. This is not the end though. Every time the dog sees the cat, another chasing scene would ensue.

The prey

Cats really do have a reason to hate dogs. Dogs are compulsive hunters. They would hunt and chase anything that moves and that includes cats. Even puppies practice their hunting skills on cats. Cats however are nimble animals that can easily elude the grasp of the dog. This challenges the dog even more. More fights would arise making the dog and the cat in one household arch enemy for life.

Preventing the fight

Socialization that is started while the dog is still a puppy can correct the dog’s behavior. Socialization is very necessary if the dog is the breed that has a high prey drive. Well mannered dogs would tolerate other smaller pets. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the cat is not left alone with an extremely aggressive unleashed dog. Dog and cat should be separated at meal times. It is important to let the dog and the cat know that they are both a part of the household.



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    • profile image

      threenorns 4 years ago

      my dog not only gets along with cats, i swear he thinks he's a cat. more than once (and i have it on youtube!) there's been a cat having kittens. my dog's face is right in there and he's licking the baby as it's being born while the mother is licking him. i don't have to worry about taking him out at night: he uses the catbox (scratches at the litter and everything).

      my observation is that the cat/dog thing is indeed the same as much human/dog negative interaction: they're using the same body language but different dictionaries. example: human sees a dog and stiffens upright, stands square to the dog, eyes wide open and unblinking, nervous grin, and holding breath. to a human, this means "i'm crapping my pants right now!" but to a dog, this is "i can take you - bring it!".

      look at a cat who is frightened:

      and compare that to a play bow:

      when a dog flips onto its back, it's "i surrender!". when a cat flips onto its back, it's "i'm about to turn into a fur-covered table saw". so to the dog, the cat "surrendered" and then ambushed him and no wonder he escalates from what may have just been play to true aggression.

    • Anna Sternfeldt profile image

      Anna Sternfeldt 4 years ago from Svenljunga, Sweden

      Interesting. I have seen the first video before, it is really amazing. The second one was really funny :-) what a great dog! The third one was so cute.. Thanks!

    • profile image

      melvin 5 years ago

      hahahahahaha but i think cats are jealous of dogs because they are mans bff

    • Gregorious profile image

      Gregorious 5 years ago

      Excellent hub! I linked to it from my hub -

      Great videos, lol!

    • profile image

      Theodore Franxynne C. Limson 5 years ago

      Let's help that dog out in the cold,

      he's brave and bold, but fast losing hold,

      Hell! What does it matter?

      One dog less, all the better!

      For only we are blessed.

      We've got other things to do,

      don't you agree? Oh! I do,

      and he's nothing but trouble,

      So, who for him would lose that ruble?

      But, you're' all scientists!

      you know the value of the neutron

      and that of a gene. Nature you know

      can be sweet or mean, how then,

      do you underestimate the value of him?

      He's part of nature. He was happy,

      and we've damaged his home.

      He's part of nature. He was happy,

      and we've chewed on him,

      right down to his bone.

      Now don't you see nature torn?

      She will repair and in doing so,

      for us she won't care,

      For fear of nature at least, give him a day,

      then you'll see our survival ensured,

      in a grand, grand way!

    • profile image

      Theodore Franxynne C. Limson 5 years ago

      Thank you for sharing the result.

      This is true:

      Dog ( Wags Tail ) For Friendships Just Like He is saying " Hello There! Let's Be Friends! " Then

      Cat ( Wags Tail ) For Anger Just Like She is saying " Oh I din't want you to be my friend! " Then

      They will suddenly bark, and say meow , And it means they would start the Fight

      Boom! Boom Clap Boom Boom B