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Why is My Dog So Itchy? Home Remedy for Dog Skin Irritation

Updated on June 26, 2011

Help for Itchy Dog Skin

If your dog seems down, it may be because of itchy dog skin.  Especially in hot weather, dogs can get allergies and skin conditions if they aren't bathed and watched properly.  Being well aware how you can treat itchy dog skin at home is an important part of keeping your pet happy.  Here is an effective home remedy for dog skin irritation. 

How to use epsom salt baths for itchy dogs

Epsom salt bath for itchy dog skin

One of the best remedies for itchy dog skin is epsom salt baths.  A cool bath for your dog with added epsom salts can work wonders on his skin; just make sure your dog does not drink the salt water. 

By regularly bathing your pet like this, you can minimize allergens. 

Other good bath additives include oatmeal soap and baking soda. 

Skin Irritation on Dog - How to Use Fish Oil to Cure Skin Problems

Fish oil is a good addition to your dog's diet to work as a home remedy for dog skin irritation.  Fish oil boosts the immune system and enhances your dog's resistance to itchy skin. 

Emu oil is also good.  You will have to try a little harder to find this, but it is usually available at pet shops or online stores.  Pouring emu oil over your dog's food can help with relief from itchy dog skin. 

Aspirin as a home remedy for dog skin irritation

You may be surprised to find out that aspirin is actually a good home remedy for dog skin irritation. Mixing aspirin tablets in rubbing alcohol, along with a mixture of tea in water, and then applying them to the infected areas of your dog's skin, can greatly help relieve your dog's discomfort.

Aspirin is easy to find at most local drugstores.

Learn about atopic dermatitis in dogs

Other causes of itchy dog skin


Caused by skin mites, mange can be a critical condition for dog skin. Contact your vet to find out the best treatment for mange.


Yeast infection

Yeast infections in dogs are caused by an overgrowth of the dog's normal body yeast. This is more rare in dogs.

Flea allergy dermatitis

This is caused by an allergic reaction to flea bites in dogs.

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is common and usually not serious, but should be treated. This usually results in goopy eyes and itchy dog skin. There are topical and ingestable medications to help ease atopic dermatitis in dogs.

Food allergies

Some dogs are allergic to corn, wheat, and soy in dog food. Cutting these out of your dog's diet is an easy way to stop itchy dog skin.

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