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Why owning a pet is good for your health

Updated on September 19, 2015

Pets can Help you Improve your Health

Kenia | Source

Kinds of Pets

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Two Dogs and a Kitty

I´ve owned only three pets in my life, first I owned two dogs; Kenia and little cotton ball, then, I owned a cat whom I named Kitty. They all kept me very busy throughout the day. Feeding them and making sure they were in optimal condition caused me to be very active at home.

At the voice of;

¨Let´s go to the pond, ¨

The dogs would start moving their tails and joined me in the 1/2 km walk. For the 2 and a half years that I owned these dogs, my personal life was unimportant. I placed all my longings in them. I even learned from them.

I adopted a kitty, just weeks after my dogs were gone. It was a recently born kitty who had been abandoned in the prairie; however, this kitty managed to survive and that is when I started feeding the kitty.

In only a week, my kitty had gained twice its weight and started playing joyfully in the house. There was some kind of joy inside of me seeing my kitty playing and this made me feel healthy.

While owning a pet, one of the most primordial things in my head was supplying them with the necessary things (food, toys, and medicines) to fulfill their necessities.

Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

  • Exercise (walking the dog)
  • Companionship for the elderly
  • Avoid depression
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Good levels of serotonin and dopamine (neurotransmitters)
  • Prevent heart attacks
  • Lower triglyceride and cholesterol
  • Optimum immune system

Why owning a pet is good for your health

Animals, especially dogs, are very intelligent creatures and having one at home can bring many benefits, including lots of activity, protection, company and even some household tasks.

Dogs have been known to live among humans since more than 15000 years ago. Having been such a long time in a human environment has allowed them to acquire some of human`s characteristics, including feelings of sorrow and joyfulness. Humans can benefit from having a dog at home in many ways. A dog not only can warn you from intruders in your home, but can help with chores such as bringing the morning newspaper inside the home and carry their own supply of food, while promenading outdoors.

Where do Dogs Descend From?

Dogs are direct descendants from wolves. After the domestication of wolves, dogs have learned to live and socialize with humans

Dog`s history

The dog was the first domesticated animal, and as such has been among humans for a long time. The dog has been kept in the human environment and utilized as a work, hunt and pet animal. In modern days, dogs are used by the police and armed forces, as well as the handicapped. The role dogs play among humans has given them the nickname of ¨man`s best friend¨ among most cultures; however, for some other cultures a dog may be a source of meat. The evolution of dogs has gone through many selective breeding, either for behavioral or functional roles in society. This has derived in many breeding varieties, with the dog being some of the most varied animals in the world.

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Dog`s ancestors

Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) are common ancestors of wolves. It`s believed that their domestication may have occurred between 9000-15000 years ago, although the exact date is not known. It is thought that the approach of the dog to humans may have occurred around camp fires and the approach may have been due to the wolves becoming more familiar and less frightened to humans. Over time the relationship may have become more personal until they were allowed to live close to human settlements. Humans may have used the first domesticated dogs as pack animals for the transportation of heavy loads.

Dogs Descend from Wolves

Wolf | Source

Benefits of Dogs Living with Humans

Early dogs may have benefited from living among humans in a variety of ways. As humans changed from being nomads and started settling around camps, dogs may have been able to acquire more food and safely give birth and care for their breed. Dogs may have also obtained their food more easily than living in the wild. This approach with humans may have stimulated to acquire some of their owner`s characteristics, such as feelings of sadness and joy. Dogs provided security to humans by warning them about intruders.

Dog | Source

Health Benefits of owning a Dog

In modern days, dog have become an integral part of human way of living. Such is the case that dogs are kept inside a home more often nowdays than in the past 50 years. Some studies have proved that people who own a dog enjoy better mental and physical health than those who don`t. people who own a dog are more prone to engage in physical activity than those who don`t, and as a consequence, they obtain the benefits of being more active. The simple act of walking the dog is good enough to maintain a healthy heart rhythm.

People who own a dog are more stimulated to engage in physical activity more often. Families often consider a dog as an integral part of the family and will do anything to maintain that dog`s wellbeing, such as medical care, shelter and feeding.

Having a dog increases social behaviors, such as smiling and talking with other people. It has been proved that people with coronary artery desease will increase their chances of survival if they own a dog.

What can a Dog Learn?

Make poo outside of the home

hand the paw when asked to

Bring the newspaper from the lawn

Sit when ordered

Walk and stop when ordered

Stay and take care of the house, while you`re away from it

How to Train your Dog?

The education of your dog involves learning behaviors that will comply with what is expected at home. A dog can be trained and rewarded each time it follows an order. You can reward your dog with a croquette, each time the dog obeys an order; for example, after handing you one of its paws or after sitting down on its back limbs.

Dog Bringing the Morning Newspaper

Dog bringing the morning newspaper
Dog bringing the morning newspaper | Source

A little About my Dog

Dogs will tend to follow an orderly life, specially when they notice their owner follows one; at least that`s what I have noticed in my dog. They`re the most unconditional man`s best friend. Once you`ve made a connection with your dog, it will follow you wherever you go. My dog will jump inside of a car if it sees me inside. It acts as a puppy and is always walking around wagging its tail.

My dog is unstoppable. It will run after what it thinks is a lizard, grasshopper or any other animal worth the chase. It also jumps very high. Before I owned it, it had lived all her life in the mountain hill; therefore, my dog has learned to jump like a rabbit and run like a road runner.

Dog`s facts

Dogs are common descendants from gray wolves

Dogs have lived among humans since between 8500-15000 years

Dogs can learn human behaviors

They can memorize more than 1000 toy names

Dogs can do tricks such as deceit

It`s believed that social interactions among people increase when a dog is present

Dogs can develop feelings, like humans do

Leica, a husky-terrier was the first dog to orbit the earth

A baby dog is called a puppy until about one year old

Kinds of Pets



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