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Why Some People Prefer the Company of a Pet Over Humans!

Updated on February 13, 2018
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Kerrie is an avid hiker and adventure lover of all things outdoors, plus a part time dog walker and hikes with her two Goldendoodles daily!

My Sweet Boy Dunkin

I'll take a dog over a person any day of the week!

What is it? I don't know why but I know many people not unlike myself that would rather spend their time with a dog or beloved pet over the company of a human. I've always been this way, as far back as I can remember. From our first dog, Mopsy, a little scraggly Lhasa Apso who could only go upstairs, not down! Ugh. Hence, we would always be running up to the second floor as she cried at the top of the stairs to pick her up and bring her down with us! I learned at an early age that my dog or cat would always be there for me no matter what. I also had a pet bunny, Penelope whom I spent many days in the green grass and sunshine just petting and talking to her as a little girl. I think we, as humans feel we can give so much more of ourselves emotionally to an animal and they will always love us unconditionally in return. Unlike humans where there always seems to be judgements or altered motives.

Our two sweet Goldendoodles, Dunkin & Lilly

Dogs are part of our families for years

For big chunks of our lives, dogs play an important part. They're with us through happiness and turmoil, through jobs, boyfriends, cars and houses. They're our babies until we have real human ones, or not. Then they're always out babies. You dog has supported you throughout the years without asking anything in return but to be loved. That's all they really want, to be loved unconditionally. Perhaps this is why we prefer their company. They don't talk back, they don't argue, they don't keep score. They are just there. Always. Waiting for us at the door when we come home with their tails wagging. The highlight of their day is just seeing us come home. I swear when I spend time with my dogs, and cats, my whole personality changes and my spirits naturally are lifted. A natural high, releasing all the stress of the day.

Petting a dog or cat relaxes the mind and soul

Just the rhythmic way of petting an animal is calming in itself. You'll notice after a few moments your breathing has slowed and you've relaxed a little more. If it's a cat and they start purring, well then that's icing on the cake. You're both in the relaxation zone! I know when I'm feeling down or depressed, all I have to do is snuggle up with my dogs for a little while and all of a sudden, all is right with the world

Even our pets love to snuggle!

We have two Goldendoodles and two Ragdoll cats. Both of these breeds are VERY outgoing and lovable, low-key pets. I love to hike so I take my dogs hiking pretty much every single day at a reservoir close to our home. They honestly could care less if they hike or not, but for me, it clears my head and gives me a refreshed outlook on the day so it is a must! They happily join me, sticking by my side the entire time. Our cats are almost like dogs really. They come running with the dogs when we come home, they greet visitors at the door AND one of they will try to walk outside just like a dog if we let him but, they are inside cats only so unless he sneaks by, it's not happening! On any given day you will find Jingle & Belle off snuggling somewhere in the house, that OR they will be laying on one of the forced hot hair vents in the winter to warm up!

Jingle & Belle

Dog Walker

I have worked many years in an office environment before having children. As my kids have grown older, I've ventured out a bit into the working world again. Knowing that I'd much rather spend my time with animals than people, I got a job as a dog walker in town! Can I just tell you, this is the BEST job I've ever had? Not only do I get to walk and be outside in the fresh air but I get to spend it with the cutest little faces ever! I spend time walking dogs in all season and just feeding and snuggling cats in their homes. I rarely have to interact with people which suits me just fine. If I happen to start my day in a cranky mood, it's immediately lifted as soon as I get to my first client and they are wagging their tails so excited to see me. Truly, it is the best feeling.

Mr. Arlo

My newest client...Arlo

This is my latest dog walk. Little Arlo is now a 4 month old Aussiedoodle. Com'on, just look at that face? How could you ever haver a bad day after spending time with him?

Pets vs Humans

Which would you prefer to spend your free time with?

See results

Cisco & Sadie

Two more of my favorite clients, are these two the oddest couple or what?
Two more of my favorite clients, are these two the oddest couple or what?


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    • THE FAMILY TABLE profile imageAUTHOR


      11 months ago from CONNECTICUT

      Thanks Shirley and I AGREE! I would have quite the menagerie of animals...dogs, cats, donkeys, goats..etc.. lol! I think I need a farm ;)

    • Shirl Urso-Farmer profile image

      Shirley Urso-Farmer 

      11 months ago from Michigan

      Great article! I have two dogs (it feels wrong to call them dogs!) and I get such joy from them...nothing really compares..just wish I had more room to adopt one or two more :)


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