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Why the Sea Turtle Ends Up First

Updated on November 30, 2015
One little turtle making his way through the ocean.
One little turtle making his way through the ocean. | Source

Why the Turtle Could Care Less

I identify with the sea turtles. When they inhabit their watery universe, gliding through the ocean, they are a magical sight to see. Out of their element they move pretty slow and look like they are really struggling. In their element, they are graceful and relaxed. They know just what to do, to get to their destination. Instinct, experience and innate intelligence tells them when to slow down or speed up and, most importantly, they are not struggling. They are doing what sea turtles do and are where they are supposed to be.

Everybody has a place in this world and a job they are meant to do. It's really too bad that this economy has forced so many people into the wrong fit. One size does not fit all. Some people like to work with numbers and data, I am more of a tactile person. I learn by touching, holding or turning things over in my hands. This helps me to remember the distinct character of an object. My hands are an extension of my brain. When I touch something, my hands read it as a pattern and I remember it. I think tactile learning is logical learning, because a large number of nerves are in our fingertips. Everything we touch sends a message to our brain. The rate of speed and weight of water that washes over a turtle sends a message to her brain: whether it's time to go, to stay, play or travel.

As I get older, it seems I am getting savvier to the ways of the world. I am also becoming much more honest with myself. I am now in my fifties and I really don't feel like compromising anymore. Does anybody out there feel as I do? I am by nature a muse and a dreamer. I could look at cloud patterns, patterns on a moray eel, the rhythmic contours of a landscape, or the infinite varieties of flowers for days.

Graphic Design you say? I definitely do not want to sit in front of a computer all day. I think computers are hard on your eyes and put a serious strain on your soul. Computers are not an evil entity; they're just overused and I'm not extremely impressed with them. The best thing a computer does is access information at lightening speed. But since we are humans and not a comet streaking through the sky, maybe we should be more like the sea turtles. The leatherback turtles make some of the longest trips of any living creature known to man. You don't see them rushing around making last minute plans, but they usually arrive at their destination with little fuss. May I live my life like a sea turtle. Amen.

The Folly of Pretending to be Something You're Not

A sea turtle will never pretend to be a jack rabbit. He will not waddle in mud when he can glide through the oceans. A sea turtle is powerfully built and is much better equipped to travel in water than land. Are you traveling through lands that you have no business being in? Probably, most of us do before we get smart and step away from the carnival. Did you ever hear of the saying "every cup has a saucer?" There is some real logic to this. Don't force anything and pay attention to the subtle and not so subtle hints the universe leaves in your path. I'll give you an example. I interviewed at an insurance brokerage firm one year because I thought I wanted to do more customer service than sales (which was my current position in insurance). At the interview, my prospective boss was friendly and positive, but his stepdaughter was something else! Throughout the whole interview she was completely unfriendly - almost hostile. Well, despite her, I got the job. But, I didn't have a good feeling about this place somehow. On the day that I was to begin, a water pipe broke and flooded my whole basement. There was no way I could leave the basement in this state. A plumber had to be called, I had to be here to let him in not to mention clean-up! Basically, my work day was shot. Well, later that night, my new employer called me up and stated that I "was not hired". I was never so relieved in my entire life! Funny how the universe and God work in strange ways to bring you to where you're supposed to be. Be a turtle, pay attention, take your time. Always consider all your options.

This brings me full circle to the wonderful world of sea turtles. They inhabit their watery world and wear it like a perfectly worn in pair of shoes. They are stubborn creatures, determined to do only what they are meant to do. How in the world do they know which way the ocean is when they hatch on-shore? All of their senses are engaged which blocks out the inner chatterbox that we humans are so readily distracted by. They pay attention, and they are quiet creatures. When they are ill, they can put themselves in a meditative state, purposely slowing themselves down and allowing themselves to heal. What a wonderful ability. They are not run by artificial stimuli, and why should we be? What would it be like to be that connected to the tides? Sea turtles have graced this planet for about a million years. They are the old souls of the ocean who can teach us a lot, if we would only listen. We are lucky to have them.

Sea Turtles: Interesting Facts

  • Gentle giants and very intelligent. They understand when somebody is trying to help or harm them.
  • Believe it or not, green turtle poop is a gourmet delight for Boers Batfish who follow them around competing for this food source!
  • Green sea turtles think jellyfish are a special treat and are very happy when the jellies float into their watery world.
  • Hawksbill turtles really enjoy sponges and their bills are perfectly designed to get at and pull off pieces of the sponges from broken bits of coral.
  • Speaking of coral, Green sea turtles are the demolition crew who keep the coral beds vibrant and healthy by plowing through areas of the sea floor and old coral. This plowing of the ocean garden turns over fresh open areas for coral polyps to root and grow.
  • Green sea turtles have claws on their front flippers to hold on to the female's shell while mating.
  • Green sea turtles travel to the Great Barrier Reef (Australia) from Indonesia and Papau, New Guinea. That's an oceanic odyssey.
  • Leather Back turtles are the largest of the sea turtles weighing up to 2000 pounds, and, have inhabited the earth for about 100 million years! Show a little respect to your elders!
  • Baby Loggerhead turtles make a mad dash to the sea fully understanding they are vulnerable to predators. Being the smart turtles that they are, they hide out in kelp beds or other ocean vegetation staying safe until the predators swim by.
  • Unfortunately, sea turtles are fooled by the plastic bags we dump in our oceans. The turtles eat these bags (which look like jelly fish in the water), and end up suffocating. What a shameful waste of a life. Please think before you use plastic, because eventually, much of itl ends up in the ocean. The ocean is not a dumping ground.

The Secret Life of Turtles


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