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Why to have a pet snake

Updated on April 12, 2012
Morelia Viridis High White
Morelia Viridis High White

Hello dear readers.

I have received a nice question from the user Clairemy in my Hub about the Mandarin Rat Snake. The question was: "why anyone would want to keep a snake as a pet, especially as so many end up escaping or being released into urban environments?"

Well lets start of with the fact, that we as people are all different, we have different hair, skin color, eyes, jobs, environment, families and of course hobbies. Therefore it is just natural that everyone picks something else to be his or her hobby. If we all would do the same thing, look the same and spend our free time the same way, life would be terribly boring. Don't you think so?

The facts

Snakes are of course not animals like a cat or a god or anything else what you can just take and play with it. Snakes are a rather a display animal type where the fun of keeping them comes from observing their interesting life, behaviour, mating rituals and eventually if you are lucky also the raising of some babies.

? Did you know - Snakes can either have eggs or give birth to live babies ?

The snakes that end up being released into wild nature or escape by them self's are rather to be looked at like victims of irresponsible keepers. You should never release your pet snake into nature. In case you can not handle it anymore because of the size or because that the costs are too high for you, please try to find someone who is willing to take care of your unwanted pet. As well you need to make sure that you use enclosures which are secured and the snake can not escape and hurt it self or be killed by some usual pets like a dog or a cat. People who release their animals into wild make a bad picture and impression which puts also the responsible keepers into a bad light. Snakes are for many reasons a perfect pet.

Top 10 reasons why to keep a snake

  1. they are hypo-alergic, also people sensitive to various allergens can have them without japerdizing their health
  2. they are very interesting and beautiful
  3. there is a huge variety and everyone can pick whatever he or she likes
  4. they don't demand a lot of time (if you only keep one or two) to take care of them
  5. you don't have to go for a walk with them
  6. you can go for a vacation and your pet will be perfectly fine
  7. the food for them is cheap
  8. the overall costs are low
  9. you can keep them in a terrarium
  10. you can learn a lot about nature

Of course I'm sure there are many more reasons. My personal reason is simply that I think that snakes are fascinating. After years of experience in keeping them they don't stop to surprise and amaze me. The colors are indescribable and the snake industry has produced lots of mutations and "paint-jobs". Of course not every snake is for everyone, some are more aggresive, some have special requirements on their environment, some demand special food items, some grow really big. What you need to do before you have a snake is always to think about it and find all available information about what you can expect from your new pet.

Be responsible and gather all information in advance. The best way is to ask for advice in forums or to contact the professional breeders.

Python Regius
Python Regius
Lampropeltis Triangulum Nelsoni Albino
Lampropeltis Triangulum Nelsoni Albino
Boa Constrictor Costa-Rica
Boa Constrictor Costa-Rica


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