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Why We Love Dogs

Updated on August 11, 2012

Are you a Dog person or a Cat Person?

Pet lovers have always categorized into two types Dog People and Cat People. Dog people are said to be outgoing and friendly while cat people have been categorized as particular or reserved. I was going to play the middle ground and tell you I am neither a dog person or a cat person, however that would be a lie! I am a dog person. There I said it. I never thought I would have three dogs ever in my life at one time. But I do and it is working out better than I have thought. It is because of these experiences with my three hounds that I am writing this article. I love them all, ( the cat too) and they love me in their particular way. However I believe in a lot of ways people have more to gain in a relationship with dogs. Here are several ways dogs are better than cats!

Who Do you Love?

Are you a Dog Person or a Cat Person?

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So what makes Dogs so special? Is it the fact they are loyal? Is it the fact that they make good companions? When comparing them to cats there is no comparison. Don't get me wrong I do like a cat purring on my lap now and then. However I can't depend on a cat to chase away other animals or bark like crazy when there is someone at the door.

When you see something on the internet about cats it is usually a cute fuzzy picture like the one adjacent to this text. However when you see something about dogs it is usually of importance that will benefit humans. The picture on the bottom is a picture of a service dog through the organization Dog Bless You! For every 1000 likes they get on their Facebook page they will donate a service dog to a Vet or wounded warrior! Please look up Dog Bless You on Facebook the next time you are on!

Dogs can be so helpful

You know if I am ever pulling weeds in the garden I can depend on my pup Blackie to dig up every tulip bulb I have planted. I guess they did not belong there in the first place. Thanks Blackie for making me replant the bulbs.

But seriously there are nearly 20, 000 service dogs in the united States. You might be surprised at the types of service dogs available! Check out this list below:

  • Seeing Eye Dog
  • Search and rescue dog
  • non violent protection dog
  • allergen alert dog
  • Seizure alert dog
  • Neurological disabilities dog
  • Deaf dog
  • psychiatric disabilities dog
  • preventing destructive behaviors dog
  • Retrieving Dog

My dog is not spoiled is she?
My dog is not spoiled is she? | Source

You will never have to eat alone in your life

That's right you can depend upon your canine companion to be there with you for every meal and even when preparing the meal. My dogs keen sense of hearing can detect when the refrigerator door opens or the microwave goes off. My dogs like to help me cook as well. There favorite place to sit is in front of the stove!

As you can see form the photo this dog doesn't like to leave her master's side!

In regards to loneliness dogs can be a sure cure for depression! Emotional support animals are psychiatric service dogs. I have provided a link below of one young woman's account of having her own service dog!

You never need to vaccuum again

Give the hoover a rest because the dogs will get it! Nothing sucks down a plate of dropped hamburger like a hoover hound! They are great for cleaning spilt grease on your floor. If my boyfriend had his way he would never wash any dishes ( if you know what I mean!)

There has been a popular notion that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth. If you think about where a dog's mouth has been you would know this is simply not true.


You can't dress up a cat

Or can you? I have never heard of a person who has dressed up his/her cat in a costume and lived! Dogs suffer the humiliation just because they love you! This picture is of Blackie as a butterfly for his Halloween costume. Manly yes? This picture won first place in the Cutest Pet Contest where I work.

Dogs are more affectionate

Cats can be affectionate too, but only when they want to be! Like at 3:00AM when their food bowl is empty. Dogs are always affectionate. They get excited to see you when you just come back from the bathroom!

Dogs are more playful

How do you play with a cat? With a piece of string. Dogs are very active and want to run all the time. They like to wrestle jump and play. There are many benefits to dogs and their owners. The obvious benefit is exercise for both. Secondly playing together can strengthen the relationship. Also if you want your animals to sleep at night then it is best to keep them active during the day.

Other Random Things Dogs are Good at!

You can trick a dog. If you are trying to coheres your furry friend into coming back to you after running away , you can usually entice them with food. If you ask your cat to come here they all the sudden have to give themselves a cat bath, or stare at something you can't see. Cats can seemingly stare at something on the wall for hours

Dogs go through doors better. If you have ever notice dogs charge through doors. While cats normally take their own sweet time, stopping to rub against something or again, give themselves a cat bath.

Dogs are good at catching flies, at least mine are. If I hear a stampede through the house I know there must be a fly buzzing around. Bo and Blackie are the biggest on the sport of fly catching or any bug for that matter. One time I found those two dogs putting there noses to the ground and abruptly jumping back several times. I found they had stalked and cornered a Cicada. As you might know these insects make loud buzzing sounds that scared Blackie and Bo. Buddy my other hound dog was on his chain as he tends to runaway. I decided to take the noisy bug over to him so all three could play with it. This was short-lived entertainment as Buddy took one gulp and the cicada was gone.

pretty Figaro!
pretty Figaro! | Source

Now reading through this you might think I am anti-cat. This is simply not the case. I love my cat and try to give her as much attention as my three dogs. However Figaro is a cat and things have to go by her rules. So attention comes when SHE wants it. More often than not she wants attention at 3:00 AM. She climbs on top of my chest and sits there and PURRRRS loudly until I get up. And usually I do get up. When a 15 pound cat sits on your chest you take notice. When I get up we have to go through this process where I walk her downstairs to her food bowl. I either have to put more food in her dish or spread the food out until it covers the whole dish. This is one of Fig's obsessions. She must not see the bottom of the food bowl! EVER! It is easy to understand this obsession after realizing Figaro was adopted. Er.. I mean Figaro adopted us! The neighbors (who are long since gone) told us Fig hopped into their car at Krogers one day. They brought it home and did not feed it. Needless to say it wandered over to our home and was fed by me and another neighbor. When it became winter we let her inside and she just stayed with us. Overall she is a nice cat. She rubs up against you and says hi. She spends most of her time outside though, lying under cars. The dogs give chase to her once in a while. However do not worry about Figaro. As I said before she is 15 pounds and can take care of herself. Once in a while she will get near enough to a dog to rub up against it. This just puts the dog into fear mode. Their eyes pop wide open and they tremble a little bit. See a rub like this is just like the kiss of death! If she is near enough to rub on them then she is near enough to give them a good swat. Figaro does this occasional, the ole rub and swat, with being provoked. I am sure it is in retaliation for the chase that happened earlier in the day!

Blackie says "Wazzup?"
Blackie says "Wazzup?" | Source

Who do you like better? Tell me about your furry friend!

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    • afriqnet profile image

      Joe Njenga 

      6 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

      Interesting, For me I am a dogs person and I own one, treat several and share opinion about dogs with everyone I meet. Personally I think dogs are the most intelligent animals we have around. Thanks

    • Ms Chievous profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wv

      lol mslizee! Thanks for your input and Score one for Cats! Have you done a hub on Izzi and Sam? I look forward to reading it!

    • mslizzee profile image


      6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      OK MsCheivous, you’ve ignited a war. Not affectionate you say? My cat Izzi, wraps her paws around my neck and stays as long as I will allow it. Now that’s affection. Bet you don’t have a dog that does that

      My cat Izzi hears strangers in her sleep. She takes an aggressive posture by standing in the corner and closing her eyes. OK, that’s not too helpful.

      But my cat Sam, when thirsty says waa waa. Now that’s smart.

      As the former owner of two Dobermans I promise you never want to tangle with a cat. My cat Sam attacks me viciously, clawing my legs, and chasing me around the house lunging at the back of my legs until I’m a bloodied mess. It’s really adorable. If I still had those two big Dobermans they would be as afraid of Sam as I am.. So there!

    • Ms Chievous profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wv

      kblover, Yes My poor dog was like " Why are you punishing me ?"when I put his costume on! And I agree Nosy is a good dog characteristic. Everytime I bring groceries home there are three heads rootin around the bag trying to see what I brought them! Thanks for stopping by!

    • kblover profile image

      Brian McDowell 

      6 years ago from USA

      This hub just proves that Wally is more cat than dog LOL. He sucks at catching flies (doesn't really care), and gives himself "cat baths" a lot.

      The dog with the clothes looks so upset. He's like, "you BETTER be glad I like you because I really want to hate you right now!" :D

      That said, he's awesome, more awesome than a cat (I don't know - I'd probably try to turn the cat into a dog LOL) and I love the companionship. Just awesome when he curls up in the bend in my knee at night, lays his head on my foot (or lays with his butt on it) just so he knows when I move.

      Playful, affectionate, loyal, and just want to be included in just about everything (well Wally does anyway). You forgot one, though: nosy. Or maybe that's just Wally, too. He HAS to sniff/see everything. He won't be satisfied until he gets to sniff it.

    • Ms Chievous profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wv

      What a bittersweet story..thank you for sharing!

    • greeneryday profile image


      6 years ago from Some tropical country

      One of the biggest attribute that makes dog stand above the rest is loyalty. I still remember the story of Hachiko. During the dog owner life they shared daily routine where Hachiko saw him off to the train at the end of each day near Shibuya station. One day the owner suffered stroke and died and never return to the train station where Hachiko was waiting.

      Hachiko waited for his owner to return, on the same spot in the evening where he usually met his owner . Hachiko never met his owner but kept the daily routine every day for another 10 years, and each day Hachiko did not see his owner.


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