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Wilbur did not survive

Updated on April 16, 2017

Oh dear, the Church mice have now realised one of their own had died from the fungicide how could this have happened they were all crying. It was Wilbur the curator whose body they had just found. His body was lying across a hole that was missed and Wilbur must have found it and give his life for us, they were saying. The church mice were all sad, and the church bells were ringing again for a memorial service for Wilbur they wanted the field mice to come as Wilbur loved the field mice.

Wilbur was looking down at all this and looking at his new wings that were now attached to him, and the faerie that had helped him to this new place she called Rainbow Ridge. It was all coming back to him what happened and the faerie that was standing beside him that helped him on this journey to get here yes indeed it was coming back to him that fatal day

He had decided to check everything out as it seemed he could feel a draft coming in from somewhere and that should not be so, everything was supposed to be blocked up so why was he feeling a draft, this was getting him worried, as something was drastically wrong if he was feeling a draft.

He remembered he started along the long winding hallways and noticed all the church mice seemed to be huddled together and were looking scared, and one of them was running around looking for her baby, then he thought to himself once I find out where the draft is I will help her look as he continued on his way. Then he found the hole that had been missed, oh my he thought if I leave that we will all perish, so I will just have to lie across the hole so the fungicide does not flow in, it is better that I give up my life to save the rest Wilbur was thinking, after all I have no one that is going to miss me, I never married.

While lying across the hole, he rememberd a faerie suddenly appeared and starting soothing me and comforting me and held me, and told me not to be afraid, she helped me in getting my courage and everything was going to be all right she said. Oh she was a beautiful faerie, she did calm me down, who would not calm down with her with her soothing ways.

Next thing I know I am standing here in a place they call the Rainbow Ridge. I recognize some of the animals here, yes I used to see them at the church these were some of the mice I used to help with extra rations as they were hungry and had not much of there own, and I was always willing to share.

The faerie standing beside me said Wilbur you sacrifised your life so the rest of the church mice could live that is why we have decided you have earned your wings. You are going to be able to help and look out for your church mice from above looking down.

This is not the first time you have gone beyond your duty as curator to help out your church mice you have certainly earned these wings. Now sit back and relax and enjoy watching your funeral, I am sure you will find out that you were more loved than you ever realized.

The Church minister asked the church mice to bow their heads in prayer, even all the field mice had come into the church once again as Wilbur was always there for them when they used to come not only on Sundays, he would help them out and had an ear to listen to all their problems and gave good advice at all times.

One by one the congregation stood up and told a story of how Wilbur had been there for them, helping them out and never asking for anything in return but their happiness. Wilbur indeed was a special mouse they all realized. How sad they were saying that when he was alive we did not let him know how much he meant to us, do you think he knew they were asking each other. Oh indeed the Minister

said I am sure he is aware of the love you all had for him and Wilbur is looking down on us with tears in his eyes that he could not still be here, and wants you all to know he is in a happy place and will never forget us and he is now going to be our guardian angel.

Wilbur looked at the faerie standing beside him and said why not say guardian faerie. Oh we have not been able to let the animals know it is the faeries that look after them and we have always been here for them, that is why when you were lying there waiting for the fungicide I was sent to help you get through it, as no animal deserves to die alone, and no animal will die alone as long as the faeries are alive. We will be the champions for all the animals.

Wilbur looked down and said how am I going to be able to help them. \The faerie said that will be easier now you have the wings and also have the power to help them without them being able to see you, and you will keep them protected, that is your main purpose in life now Wilbur. You are their guardian angel, or as we like to say the faerie godfather in your case.

When Wilbur was told that he cried with joy, as all he had wanted in life was a family to call his own and look after, he told the faerie you have given me more than I could ever have hoped for, I will not let them down.


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    • alisonmacrae profile image

      Alison MacRae 6 months ago from Hope Town, Quebec Canada

      We must not forget all animals are here for a purpose and we must love them if they do not do us harm. A story that I would like to think has a heart. Thank you

    • profile image

      Wendy Myshyniuk 5 6 months ago

      Such a touching story. Great for kids whose pets have passed.