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Small ledge Window sill bird feeders

Updated on April 12, 2012

Advantages of Window sill Bird Feeders

Watching your backyard friends enjoy themselves to a treat perched on one of these magnificent,looking wild bird seed feeders. Watch birds up close and personal with one of many windowsill bird feeders. Our feathered friends just love an in house window bird feeder. We see them but they can't see us. You really can’t go wrong with having one of these sitting in any of your windows with a great view.

I Don’t Have Enough Space for Bird Watching

If your working With a limited amount of space, one of the best ways to incorporate a bird watching to your outdoor space is with a window feeder. Perky Pet offers plenty of nectar and seed feeders that are quite simple to install and put on your outside windows with suction cups.The windowsill feeders gives the birds to you right in your kitchen or living room and lets you watch up close as they choose each and every special seed or fight off rival birds. The one-way mirror around the back lets you see in but they can't see you. Its amazes me to sit right there and watch all my favorite species so close. A lot of birds are constant guests and I usually recognize the "usuals" by some mark that would have never been seen on a regular feeder, such as a funny feet or a color that’s different than the rest. Before you kno it you’ll be giving the birds names right from the comfort of your living room.

Inside Window sill Birdfeeders and Outside Window Birdfeeders

Windowsill bird feeders can be equipped several different ways. The smaller bird feeders come with suction cups to stick them to the window. You can also find the types that are made for double hung windows. Panoramic and bread box window feeders usually have sliding panels to fill in gaps between the bird feeder and the window casing. The windowsill bird feeder is put outside the window on the windowsill to ensure the closure of the window.Many windowsill bird feeders are designed with a clear panel or even better a mirrored panel for the viewing of birds who cant see any movement going on within your home. Our hobby is taken to a whole new plateau with these type of feeders. Its easy to see details of eyelids and really get a birds eye view of their feet. Look at how a hummingbird takes off or hovers. View the rilvary and competitive nature of the hummingbirds. One bird might be feeding when another one shoots up behind it and tries to take over from the skies above. This more than likely creates alot of energy from the feeding bird as it has to defend his so called territory. You will love the birds when they perch for awhile before zipping off in pursuit of their unknown affairs.Now If you are lucky you’ll have more than a few bird and they’ll accept each other and begin to feed at the same time.

Placement and Wild Bird Feeders Squirrel Proof

When you find a windowsill feeder that fits nicely with your windows , you’ll wanna put the feeder in a window thats looking at an area that is appealing to the birds, easy to view from inside your home and is easy to place seed from inside or outside of the house. If you wish to attract a certain species of birds, try to put your window bird feeder in a location that faces the habitat with the most flowers, shrubs, and trees loved by that species. Now it depends on the type of window feeder being used, to know if a squirrel will easily access the feeder. The Type that attaches to a windows are more than likely smaller and difficult for squirrels to get to than window sill feeders. Squirrels are frequently unable to ascess an “on-window” feeder.

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