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Winter Sweaters and Coat Fashions For Dogs

Updated on March 31, 2011

How To Choose a Dog Coat or Dog Sweater

Now that winter is on it's way it's time to catch up with all the latest or soon to be popular winter coats and sweaters for dogs. It's very important to bundle up your small dogs with little hair or just small in general. It's harder for them to keep in body heat because they are so small.

Reflective Dog Coat

This is my favorite dog coat because it can be used for small to large dogs and most have a inner flannel material which keeps them warmer longer. It's also nice for walking at night because it's reflective and also easy to put on your dog. Unlike most pull overs this one adjust because it has Velcro straps that can tighten and expand for a growing puppy or dog on a diet losing weight. I has to straps for ease of putting on.

Dog Hoodie

Looking for a comfortable sweater for your dog that is breathable but also keeps them war and fashionable at the same time then try a Dog Hoodie for your dog. These Hoodies come in a variety of colors. Ribbed sleeves and hem for a secure fit. Perfect for cold winter days or for cool summer nights. The Hoodies make a great fit on dogs of all sizes and the hood will not bother your dog. Nothing beats you and your dog both walking around in your hoodies.

Winter Coats For Dogs

Looking for a little thicker coat for those long cold walks during winter then check out this hat, scarf and coat combo.  This combo comes in many colors to satisfy even the most picky dog.  The coat fits better around your dog for added warmth.

Dog Sweaters

So coats just aren't your thing then try a sweater for your dog these are easy to put on, they don't resict your dog while on.  These are easy enough to just slip right over the head, and if your having problems putting it on your dog roll it up to top to bottom and hold a treat toward the head part to lure dog into the hole for their head.  These sweaters come in many sizes, styles, shapes and colors.

Dog Fashion Sweaters

So you love the idea of a sweater but are loking for some more ideas for style or something with a design on it for your dog to stick out a little bit then check out more styles by clicking the picture of the dog for more styles for dogs.


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