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Invisible Fence: Wireless Dog Fence

Updated on March 26, 2013

Owning a dog can be very exciting its even exciting thinking of all the things that needs to be done for the new addition to the family such as: food, toys, exercising them, beds, collars and many other things. One thing we should not forget to think about is to pet proof our homes and a very important area of the home to pet proof is the backyard! Having a backyard is great for your pet to roam around in and for you not to worry about your new dog getting away. If you have a fence up already in the backyard you should check it before you let your dog into the backyard. Check for things for like area where your dog can crawl under the fence and weak spots in the fence where your dog can possibly break through.

This check should be performed regularly to keep your pet from escaping. Now if you don’t have a fence and you still want to be able to use your backyard you can either put up a new fence which can cost a lot of money and/or a lot of work. Putting up a fence, material alone can run you over $1500 and if you plan to hire a professional to put it in it can cost even more or if you plan on putting it in yourself expect a lot of work.

Another option is using a dog fence also known as: invisible fence, electric fence, wifi fence, or wireless fence. Using a wireless dog fence has many benefits like the easy installation; PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence is often raved about for one of the easiest wireless dog fence to install. Which is also great if you move because you can take the dog fence with you to your new home, or even if you want to go anywhere you can easily take the wireless dog fence with you and install it easily at the new location.

Cost is also a big bonus, while a tradition picket fence can run over $1500 dollars, you can get a good quality dog fence for anywhere between $300 - $800 depending on brand and the size you need. Although it is a bit cheaper you do need to take into the consideration of the fact that you do have to change the battery for the collar every 3 – 4 months, and you do not want to wait until the battery is completely dead before you change it otherwise your dog can escape your invisible fencing system.

If you live somewhere where there is an amazing view you probably wouldn’t want to put up a fence to block that view. An invisible fence is a great option for keeping your dog in a desired area while not worrying about blocking the view. Or maybe you live in a area that is hilly, rocky, lots of tree, or just an area that is difficult to put up a traditional fence an invisible fence is the way to go.

Although using an invisible fence is a great alternative to a regular fence and there are things that must be considered. Your dog has to be at least 8 weeks (old enough to know commands like sit and come), or at least a certain weight if you have a toy breed, that weight is usually 3 lbs. Some invisible fences are reported to have glitches like your dog can leave the boundary area up to a certain distance before the collar detects the dog is no longer in the area or the opposite happens where the your dog is still within the boundary area and the collar will sound/shock the dog, the brand Invisible Fence and PetSafe is often reported to have this problem. If you have a power failure the fence will not be working. Batteries need to be checked often to make sure the wireless dog fence is working fully.

Some top brands for wireless dog fence are: Haveahart, PetSafe, and Invisible Fence

So is a wireless dog fence for you and your pet?


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