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7 Friendly Wolves That Make Good Pets

Updated on August 12, 2020
The Wolves that are Social Animals and Can be Kept as Pets
The Wolves that are Social Animals and Can be Kept as Pets | Source

Dogs are descendants of wolves and classified as a subspecies of the gray wolf (Canis lupus), both are closely related and share the same biological classification (Canis familiaris). But they both have entirely different characteristics and physical traits. Wolves are stronger with higher levels of energy and stamina and their instincts and temperament quite dramatically as well.

Their behavior also differs, they are stubborn, erratic, difficult to train, and a danger to children and other small animals that make them a poor choice to keep as a guard dog or a household pet.

But some wolves are different, which are very social and can be relied as an exotic pet or working companion.

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1. Mexican Wolf

Mexican Wolf
Mexican Wolf | Source

The Mexican Gray wolf is a subspecies of the Gray wolf and Unlikely to most of other wolves, The Mexican Gray Wolves are very social animals, which are Commonly referred to as "El lobo,". They have long sturdy legs and sleek body that helps them to run fast. They have presence in Southeastern Arizona, southern New Mexico, western Texas and northern Mexico.

But in recent, their presence was reduced and they are introduced to the endangered list, only ~300 Mexican Gray wolves were counted in the year 1998. But the reintroduction program was to restore at least 100 wolves, helped them to grow 97 more Mexican wolves until the year 2006

Physical traits and info. about Mexican Wolf

Scientific name
Canis lupus baileyi
Southeastern Arizona, southern New Mexico, western Texas and northern Mexico.
26-32 inches
60-80 lbs
Life Span
12 to 15 years

2. The Ethiopian wolf

The Ethiopian wolf
The Ethiopian wolf | Source

The Ethiopian wolf is a very social animal which is native to the Ethiopian Highlands, They have red and white fur and look like a coyote in size and also known as the Abyssinian wolf, red jackal, Simien fox, Simien jackal and Abyssinian fox. The Ethiopian wolf is limited to seven isolated mountain enclaves only and identified as, one of the most endangered canid in the world and the only wolf species to be found in Africa, their population less than 500 in the wild.

Physical traits and info. about Ethiopean Wolf

Scientific name
Canis simensis
Africa (Ethiopian Highlands)
53-62 cm
Weigh 11.2 - 19.15 kg (24.7 - 43 lb)
Life Span
Up to 10 years

3. Indian Dhole (Asiatic Wild Dog)

Dhole dogs are the wild dogs from Asian countries, Which are very social animals and lives in the large pack in wild. Mainly they have presence in India and South Asian countries. They are also known as an Asiatic wild dog, Dhole, Indian Wild Dog, Red Wolf. They are medium sized, very athletic and sturdy dogs that live in the large pack and look like a mix of dog and fox. But their genetic study confirmed that they do not have a blood line of Dog or Fox and they belong to distinct species. Asiatic wild dogs can be smooth coated out hairy, usually, the dogs that live in cold weather they are hairy like the dogs from the Indian Himalayan region and the border of India and Russia but Central and South Indian Dhole dogs are smooth coated.

Physical traits and info. about Asiatic Wild dogs or Dhole

Scientific name
Cuon alpinus
South Asia (Mainly India)
17 to 22 Inches
Average ~35 KgMale: 15 - 20 kg,Female: 10 - 13 kg
Life Span
~10 years in wild

4. The Wolves of Koppal

The Wolves of Koppal
The Wolves of Koppal | Source

They are an elusive Indian Wolf of Koppal district in North Karnataka, recognized since the year 1972, they are almost lost very few wolves still exist, even hardly people know that wolves even exist in India. The good news is, they are recognized to protect by the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, and, thus, demand the highest level of protection. Koppal Wolves are social animals like Dhole (Asiatic wild dogs) and looks and behave similar to native Pariah dogs, many local people still don't know that they are wolves. It's hard to recognize them until heating their vocalization and howl.

Physical traits and info. about The Wolves of Koppal

Scientific name
India (Koppal, in Karnataka statet )
In Between, 24 to 38 inches
~ 25 Kgs (in Between 40 to 60 pounds)
Life Span
7 to 10 years

5. The Himalayan Wolf

The Himalayan Wolf
The Himalayan Wolf | Source

Himalayan Wolves are the distinct species of wolves that lives around Himalayan regions. It’s debatable if Himalayan and Tibetan Wolf are same species of wolf or different but they have different identification and live to the different geographical region. But they share the similar geographic dwells, climate, and resides to adjacent boundaries. It's common to see that usually they come in contact and mixing between. Also, shrinking inhabited areas, and limitation of food forced them to travel across their region and hence they are making contacts with local Pariah and wild dogs and mixing in between that’s a treat for their extinction of original breeds. Usually, Himalayan wolf lives in a small pack, but many Himalayan wolves can be observed around remote tracking tourist places, where they come to search for left over eatables. But no evidence fond that they ever attach human or livestock.

Physical traits and info. about Himalayan Wolf

Scientific name
Canis himalayensis
Himalayan Region of India, China and Nepal, and Bhutan
In between 24 to 38 Inches
Average ~35 Kgs
Life Span
~6 years in wild

6. Australian Dingo

Australian Dingo
Australian Dingo | Source

Australian Dingos are the wild dogs from Australia, they are well described as a wolf in the form of a dog. Their origin is not clear, but many experts believe they are the primitive type dogs bought in Australia from Asian countries and possibly they mixed with wolves and created Dingo. They live in packs in wild and depends on the hunt, they even eat dead animal meat also. They are naturally healthy, athletic and sturdy dogs, even they are wild animals, but they are friendly animals and make a good pet.

Physical traits and info. about Dingo Dogs

Scientific name
Canis himalayensiCanis dingo or Canis lupus dingo
17 to 22 Inches
29 to 44 Lbs
Life Span
~15 to 20 years

7. The African Golden Wolf

African Golden Wolf
African Golden Wolf | Source

The African golden wolf was known as Egyptian Wolf, Golden Jackal, recent DNA test suggests that the golden jackal (Canis aureus) is actually comprised of two different species and one of them is a new species of wolf. They live in East Africa and Eurasia and also known as the Serengeti Wolf, golden wolf, African wolf or thoa. They are social animals that don't harm to humans. But some incidences happen, when they were suffering from rabies epidemic that caused these little wolves to attack people.

Physical traits and info. about African Golden Wolf

Scientific name
Canis anthus / Canis lupaster
North and northeastern Africa
Average ~ 40 Cm
Weighing 7-15 kg (15 -33 lb)
Life Span

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