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Wood Bird Cages

Updated on January 24, 2010
Wood bird cages
Wood bird cages

If you have birds around your house, then you know how much fun they can be to feed and take care of. Of course, birds prefer their surroundings to be natural, since they are creatures that live in the wild. So it does not make much sense to keep animals that are naturally free, like birds, in a metal wire enclosure. Since birds prefer to live in environments much like their own, it would make sense to use wood bird cages instead of metal bird cages.

Birds aren't the only creature in your house that will like wood bird cages. I believe that you will find, as I have, that wood bird cages are very pleasing to the eye, unlike metal bird cages, which can simply be an eyesore. And your birds will like the wooden bird cages as well. They will be much more livelier than the were in their metal cages.

Another benefit of having wood bird cages is that they will fill your home with the pleasant aroma of whatever wood they happen to be made of. For example, if you have a wood bird cage that is made out of cedar wood, then this cedar bird cage will make the area surrounding it smell of the wonderful aroma of cedar wood.

Another example is my own personal story. I have found that wood bird cages look much better in your home than a metal bird cage will. This is because the wood bird cage will seem much more natural to your brain than the metal cage will, simply because wood is a natural product that grows all over the earth.

I have included some natural wood bird cages in this hub because I really believe that you will benefit from having wood bird cages, and more importantly, your birds will benefit from having wood bird cages. Best luck to you and your birds!


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      Alison 7 years ago

      They sound lovely! The only problem, is considering bird-toxic woods and chewing birds...