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Can You Work and Foster Kittens?

Updated on February 18, 2018

Can You Foster Kittens If You Work?

You can absolutely foster kittens while working a full time job. My work requires 2.5 hours of commute time and a 8 hour shift, Monday through Friday. I still have time to dedicate to feeding wet food in the morning, refilling water land dry food dishes, and doing a quick dump of anything solid from their litter box in to the Litter Genie before heading out for the day.

As soon as I arrive home I check in with our fosters and refill food and water and offer them another serving of wet canned food before heading upstairs to start dinner, dishes, etc.

Once we are finished with meals either myself or my teen daughter is back in the kitty room to hang out. We work with the kittens on socializing with us, paying extra attention to coxing any scared or hissy kittens out from hiding. The more social kittens are generally climbing all over us.

Purrsnickitty, Muggins, and Mr. Jinx.
Purrsnickitty, Muggins, and Mr. Jinx.

But Will I Have Time?

Fostering Kittens does require a fair amount of consistent time commitment. Many come shy and are in need of a fair amount of socializing. Working with kittens in their earliest months to develop trust in humans is such an important step. It can mean the difference between a kitten that may spend his life as a domestic barn cat, fed by an owner but never trusting enough for anything more - and a cuddly kitten that desires affection from his or her human parents.

It is absolutely possible to turn a hissy scared kitty into one that doesn’t mind occasionally being pet and likes to live inside or a shy but curious kitten into a cuddlebug that wants to be held and pet. It takes dedication and time, but it can be done.

If you can do the basics in the morning to make sure they are taken care of and offer 1-2 hours in the evening, you do have enough time to foster kittens.

Team up with your spouse or your older children to share in spending time with the kittens. It’s okay if one night you only have time to make sure they have food and water, just make up for it with some extra quality Time the next night.

Friendly Noah and shy Liam
Friendly Noah and shy Liam

Take Your Cell Phone With You.

If you‘re like me, you spend a fair amount of time on your cell phone. Texting, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Instead of sitting on the couch, grab a comfy seat in your kitten foster room and have at it.

Your kittens will be well aware of your presence. The social kittens will take the opportunity to get some petting and cuddles and if it’s playtime, your legs make a great obstacle to wrestle on and jump over while playing with their siblings.

You dont have to be 100% focused on your fosters all the time, just being there helps them become used to having people around.

A Litter Genie Can Save Time.

My mornings are a mad rush to get out of the house. I don’t like to spend a lot of time clearing out a box full of soiled litter. I was also going through a ton of plastic bags and trying to be as sanitary as possible carrying the bag out to the garbage can in the garage before I could even grab my stuff to head out for the day. Then I came across the Litter Genie.

This is a godsend especially for quickly scooping out any stool in the morning so I can get out of the house quicker. Open it up, grab the scoop and drop in the solids. There is a lever on the front that you pull so that the solids can fall into the bag and you can release so it forms a seal so that odors can’t escape. Depending how many fosters you have, you can go a full week and maybe longer without pulling out the bag and there is very little smell that escapes out in between changes.

It comes with its own scoop that attaches to the side and refils last through multiple changes. I won’t switch back to bags, this is worth every penny.

© 2018 Stephanie


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