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Yager Mackenzie and Baron

Updated on March 4, 2009

 I have the a total of three dogs. There names are Yager (Y-a-g-rr) and mackenzie and Baron (bear-on). Yager is the biggest. He is 165 pounds and 5'9 feet tall standing on his back legs. His dad was an all black german shepherd and his mom was a rottie. He is k-9 trained and very loveable. I love this dog. he is almost 2 years old and still loving life. Most people mistake him for a lab because hes all black and his ears are down. The next one is mackenzie. She is a boxer and she is almost a year old. She is tanish//light brown. She is only about 70 pounds and she has white and black markings on her face. She is the oppisite of yager. When kenzie (her nickname) was 6 weeks old we noticed she acted like she was tramatized by something. two weeks later ( after she came home) she had a seizure. We took her to the vet and they said that she was mentally retarded. She litterally was diganosed with it. Her tounge is to big for her mouth and she is very lucky she wasnt deformed in her head. They vet said she was lucky they could help her. We can never let her off the leash or leave her alone for two long.She will have a spasm and freak out. Scaring herself so bad that shes being abandoned and tramatize herself. I was shocked! I didnt know dogs could do or have such things!! I am a dog lover had been my whole life. I can almost name every breed and medical problem. i never heard of this. So she is stuck with us for life because I am sure no one else would but up with such a sensitve and high maintance dog. I would be so upset if I found out she got put to sleep due to her diability. She's like my kid, all of them are. Im only 16 but they are my life. Baron is the third one recently added to the group. He is purebred German Shepherd who I love to death Im not sure of his weight. He is 18 weeks  old and I have had him about 6 weeks. I love this puppy. He lived outside his whole life and when I brought him home he never has releived himself in the house to this day. I was amazed at how smart he was. He can sit, heel, shake paw, lay down, stay, come, playdead and the commands leave it and get it. He also know go to bed but I didnt teach him that. He learned it by me pointing to his crate and saying go to bed everyday. I got him because I had a beautiful Siberian Husky last year. I lost him in june due to a poisonous snake bite. R.I.P Nitro. I am a believer that dogs have the best judge of character and if my dogs dont like you then I side with them. If you can walk in my house and they be okay with you then so am I. ( I would never advise anyone to every enter my yard.) I dont have a fenced in yard, I live in the middle of 10 acres miles from the roads. Yager and Baron roam where they want to but they mostly stay in the yard. You can not (let me repeat) can not get pass Yager to my house. He is fully k-9 trained. He know when to act and how to act. I have beware of dog signs everywhere. He will attack without a command if he senses danger, fear, weapons or any type of drugs on a person. If I was outside he would take no action until I say the german word to make him get someone on the ground and hole them there 10 seconds flat. I plan to have Baron trained but later when he is older. Baron is not near as built as yager but he is still a puppy. I have started pulling exercises with him this week. When Yager started his he was only 6 weeks old. i hook a regular tiny chain on them then slowly move it up. Until they can run to full speed pulling a log chain about 50 feet. Non stop. Yager is very built from this activity so I will indeed continue this training with Baron. So I hope like what I have to say please leave comments!! You will see other hubs by me about these three goof balls. i hope you enjoy!!




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