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Yorkie Potty Training - Step By Step

Updated on July 20, 2011

Yorkie Potty Training - Stepped In Another Puddle?

Potty train your yorkie Step by Step.

Yorkie potty training is one of the most common questions I get asked by owners. One of the most exciting times for any family is when you bring your Yorkie puppy home for the first time.

Once home its now time for Yorkie potty training to begin.

This excitement can turn to frustration very quickly when your Yorkie puppy seems to treat the whole house as his bathroom area.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. If you understand the basic principles of Yorkie Potty Training you can quickly and easily train your puppy this very important behaviour. is important for your Yorkie to have an established routine..

Yorkie PottyTraining - Basic Principles

You must be patient, like a newborn child your Yorkie potty training may take a while to catch. No matter how quickly your Yorkie puppy grasps the potty training, your puppy will still make the occasional mistake and there will be accidents.

When this happens, its ok, clean up the mess and move on with no punishment for your puppy. It's a good idea to make some notes on when these accidents occur so you can spot patterns and then plan for them in advance.

Like I mentioned, puppies are very similar to newborn babies, you wouldn't expect a baby to immediately catch on to potty training. Yorkie potty training may take a while of trial and error and practicing.

Yorkie Potty Training - No punishment or Scolding Required

During Yorkie potty training it is very likely any accidents will occur this may not even be your Yorkies fault.

It maybe that the owners hasn't yet learned to recognise the puppies signals or taken the puppy out to potty soon enough.

Remember that your puppy doesn't know how expensive your carpet cost and will tend to relieve himself when he feels he needs to.

Yorkie Potty Training - Crate Method

There are a few different Yorkie Potty Training methods. The one I am going to focus on today is the Crate Training Method.

Crate training is a very effective form of Yorkie potty training because it depends on one of your puppies natural instincts and that is 'Denning'.

Puppies like to den. When outside they will naturally find themselves a den to relieve themselves. In your home there are not really many places where your puppy can den in as it is an open space, a space your Yorkie can call 'his own spot' if you like.

You can provide puppy with a den in the form of a crate, something just large enough the puppy can stand up in and turn around in but not too large that the puppy could poop in also. Generally you Yorkie does not like to poop and sleep in the same area. The idea is that the puppy can den in the crate and wait to relieve himself once outside of the crate i.e. outdoors.

This method of Yorkie potty training using a crate, does require frequent monitoring and will require some time and effort at the beginning for the puppy owner.

Only 3 things can help you with housebreaking your Yorkie - Patience, Consistency and the right guidance on Yorkie Potty Training.

Yorkie Potty Training - Simple Outline

1. Buy or make a crate just big enough for the puppy to stretch up stand up in with an opening door at one end.

2. Make the crate comfortable enough - washable type lining

3. At the front of the door sit with your Yorkie, place a favourite treat inside the crate and when he goes in the crate to get the treat give him lots of praise.

4. When the puppy comes out of the crate do not give him any praise. Leave the door open at this time.

5. When your Yorkie is inside the crate repeat the words 'Den'

6. Repeat step 3 and each time try closing the door, first for a small time and try increasing the time after a while. Also increase the distance slowly between you and the crate.

7. You may want to put a chewy toy in the den to make the puppy feel more comfortable in there.

8. After feeding, put the puppy in the crate with the chewy toy. After say 15minutes, take the puppy outdoors to relieve itself. Do not have too much interaction with the puppy at this time just take him outside and place him back in the den.

9. If the puppy does not relieve himself within about 5 minutes, put him back in the crate for 5 minutes and repeat the process until he does go.

10. Only praise and play with the Yorkie immediately once he has relieved himself.

11. Overnight, put the crate somewhere you can hear the puppy, if the Yorkie sighs, take him outside with very little interaction and repeat step 8.

12. When you take your puppy out to the toilet, try to go to the same place, your puppy can smell his potty area and eventually will realise when he walks past here its time do his potty.

13. Also, if your Yorkie does accidentally relieve himself inside you must clean it up with something like vinegar. This cleans the smell but also lets your Yorkie know you are marking your turf also.

If the puppy does go toilet then give him praise like 'good boy' BUT not too much as your puppy may misinterpret whining throughout the night gets attention.

Yorkie potty training

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Some Yorkie Potty Training Insider Tips

Please remember this crate type of Yorkie potty training is only to be used for a while, it is not forever and only until your Yorkie has got this under control.

Also, this type of Yorkie potty training is very humane as it uses your Yorkies natural instincts and is a very quick and clear way for your puppy to understand what is required so he can feel secure as soon as possible.

Remember the crate is not used as punishment but rather a safe den environment for the puppy, it should not be considered a cruel process.

Yorkie Doorbell.

Another good suggestion of Yorkie potty training is to attach a small bell to the door you use, when you take your Yorkie outside. Put this bell low down so the dog can reach it with his nose or paw.

When you take your Yorkie out to the toilet ring the bell on the way out. After a while your puppy will realise that the bell means toilet time and will learn to ring the bell with his paw or nose when he needs to go.

Yorkie Potty Training Resources

"..originally, we attempted to train her in a manner similar to our other dogs and we were having problems. I was able to house break Tiffany in less than a week. She now consistently goes outside to "do her duty"

Read More About how this lady was able to housetrain her puppy in less than a week at

Please take a momemt and share your thoughts, did you get some good tips? What else would you like information on but are having trouble getting answers to?

Yorkie Potty Training - Readers Feedback

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    • profile image

      Jennifer Capellman 5 months ago

      I have a 2nd story deck and a large fenced in yard. The problem is that my Yorkie has to go down 16 steps to get to the yard and once there he can escape through the slats of the fence. Any suggestions on an easy place for him to potty? PS - Tried a deck potty but he won't use it & instead goes wherever he pleases on the deck.

    • profile image

      Briann 11 months ago

      Where is their website so you can adopt a Yorky

    • profile image

      Dionne 11 months ago

      Happy to know that it's not me, I thought that I was doing something wrong.

    • profile image

      connie 2 years ago

      My yorkie is 7 yrs old. We got him at 5 months. He is stubborn too! We have never gotten him completely trained. But love him anyway.

    • profile image

      susan 3 years ago

      my yorkie is 2 years old and still not 100% trained. He still has accidents. He would not stay in a crate as a puppy. I have owned several dogs and trained them with no problem but this yorkie is stubborn. He knows he is wrong but.......any tips?