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How to Make My Dog Lose Weight

Updated on January 14, 2016

What Did You Do to Your Dog?

A table scrap here, a few lazy evenings there, and your dog is fat. You're in denial, because all pup parents are at first. Your veterinarian tells you your precious baby could loose a couple pounds, but you keep going on like you have been. Guess what - your dog is still fat.

And it's your fault.

People don't seem to realize that table scraps, large portions, and lack of walks adds up. It's the same idea as when people complain about obesity in America these days; if it's such a problem and a concern, then stop sending your kid to school with crap food, and stop cooking/buying crap meals every night. Encourage your kids and yourself to get off your lazy butt and do something active outside.

Stop feeding your dog so much, and take them for a nice evening stroll, and they will be in better shape. Obesity can lead to heart problems, arthritic strain, and a variety of other complications throughout their lifetime (including greatly shortening their already 15-years-or-younger lifespan).

Things to Keep in Mind

Sure, there are medical reasons that could cause weight gain. This could include:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Pregnancy
  • Fluid Retention
  • And many more

You should definitely check with your veterinarian before ruling any of these causes out.


Your Solution (Part One): Dog Foods

Dog food. Dog food. DOG food. Quit feeding your dog your table scraps. Check the portions sizes on your dogs meals. If the portions are correct according to their food bag, but they're still not losing weight, then decrease the portion size a bit and re-evaluate.

For example, if the bag says to feed your dog two cups per day, then you start feeding one cup in the morning and one up in the evening. If your dog is still not losing weight after a couple weeks, then drop it down to 3/4 cup in the morning and 3/4 cup in the evening.

Dogs are incredibly good at conserving calories. Some dogs can sleep up to eighteen hours per day by taking many naps throughout the day. A 100 pound dog does NOT need to eat as much as a 100 pound person!


Your Solution (Part Two): Exercise

Exercise is also important for dogs. This can be accomplished through walks and play. Exercise encourages cell action and calorie burning by demanding energy from the body. Fat cells are very energy dense, so they make a wonderful source of energy.

Take your dog for walks (you could probably use the walk, too), or play when them more. Play is also extremely important for the psychological health of your dog; that's something I won't rant about in this article though.

Take your dog's health seriously. By doing so, you can extend their lifespan and improve their quality of life. Feed them quality food, and keep them active. You'll have a happier, healthier dog by doing so.

** Always work with your veterinarian before starting a new regimen for your pup!**

Do you give your dog table scraps/treats?

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