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Your Kids First Aquarium

Updated on November 4, 2013

First Experience With Aquariums

Being exposed to the world of aquariums and ecosystems early on in life may spark an interest that you never realized your child possessed.  This is a learning opportunity; not only in the area of taking care of something living, but in learning how fish and plants interact with their environment and how important they all are to each other.

The fascination begins with the set-up of the new aquarium and the many options available to personalize this new little world.  Types of fish and plants, even the color of the gravel to include open opportunities to create and learn. 

Make sure you are involved in the process and use each step in the creation of the aquarium be a shared learning experience.  When you choose and introduce a new fish, study the type of fish with your child and find out what distinguishes it from other fish, what species might be compatible with it for the next addition.  There are so many opportunities here for your child to get excited about when it come to aquariums.  You may be pleased to see that it grows into a lifelong hobby that extends to saltwater aquariums, and even reef-tanks.

Fun Options For Beginner Aquariums

You will find yourself having fun as you choose a starter aquarium for a gift for your child or grandchild.  There are a lot of options, and you'll want to start with a freshwater kit versus a saltwater because it is much easier to manage.  You may start with the tried and true goldfish, but keep in mind that there are many options, so don't limit yourself to just goldfish or betas.

A complete aquarium kit may be a good place to start so you don't have to delve into all the details and options out there.  You can quickly become overwhelmed with this hobby that has endless opportunities for growth.  As your child shows interest and learns, you 'll both have a great time of graduating to the next step, or larger tank.

First Aquarium

Beginner aquariums will have everything you need to get started, except the fish!

An easy to open top protects the clear plastic aquarium, and being glass-free, they are safe for kids. They often include a figurine to keep the fish company, and a colorful backdrop. You find some that have some plastic plants, decorative gravel and filter pump. This would be a great setup, and most are quite reasonably priced.

kids aquarium
kids aquarium

Starter Aquarium Kit

The Aqua Plus Deco-3.5 Aquarium Kit is a great set-up for a beginner tank.  It will save you wondering if you got everything necessary to get a successful aquarium going the first try.

This includes:
3.5 gallon aquarium
Easy open lid
pump, filter, filter cartridge
decorative gravel
2 plants
double-sided marine scene background

Just add water . . . and fish!


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