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Your Pets Vet and Medicine

Updated on August 21, 2012

Meds and Your Pets Vet

When it comes down to your pet’s health, we understand that even the slightest discomfort can become extremely distressing for both yourself and your pet. If you’re unsure of what is going on, the best course of action is going to your vet, where medical advice can be administered and proper medical treatments prescribed.

When it comes to the medication however, sometimes it can feel very confusing. If the medicine your pet has been prescribed is similar or identical to something you already stock at home, why not just use that? You can save money and the time taken to get a prognosis as well, without risking a claim on insurance or a charge from your vet. Sounds simple? It shouldn’t!

Your vet is medically trained to work out exactly what the problem is, and administer the correct level of treatment deemed necessary. Not only that, but with regular check-up the vet can see if the problem persists and use this information to either increase the medication or work out that something else is at work. By administering medicine yourself you can endanger the life of your pet, risk the problem getting worse and possibly even cause unnecessary complications that will hide the true problem from your vet when you do make an appointment.

The reason certain medicines are only available as a prescription is due to the fact that the manufacturers will have felt that it would be prudent for you to discuss the problem with a vet before purchase, in order to ascertain the correct dosage and recommended applications. Remember that the vet has years of training and experience on their side and will always have a better understanding after a check-up, which is why regular check-ups and booster shots are recommended in order to keep your pet healthy.

Never give your pet human medicines, as the wrong kind can prove fatal. Always check with your vet before buying any type of medicine, and remember that a little bit of advice from the vet can go a long way.

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    • Paulart profile image

      Paulart 5 years ago from 2510 Warren Avenue Cheyenne,Wyoming 82001

      Wow amazing hub information regarding pet health. Keep on sharing.

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Very excellent advice!