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Nature's Mousetrap - Felis Catus, Cat - Great Household Pet Too

Updated on August 10, 2020
junior felis catus - cool kitten - one small meow coming up!
junior felis catus - cool kitten - one small meow coming up!

Felis Silvestrus Catus - Puss! Puss! Puss! - A Mousetrap Programmed By Nature

Felis silvestrus catus is a carnivorous mammal! Domestic too. It's the carnivorous element that makes "cat" the mousetrap of nature. Small and furry, good to look at too. Adorable as an indoor pet, or often presented as house cat. Great for companionship and a challenge to vermin and household pests.

Cats are great pets to have, and they provide great company too. Having cats as pets is indeed delightful. However. there is a lot more to a cat than just being a pet.

Mice have posed a constant challenge to humans right throughout history, invading abodes, storehouses, and even making their way onto ships.

From the very beginnings, long before mechanical devises triggered off by springs were invented to rid abodes of mice, our feline friends were relied upon.

They always did a great job. However, after the invention of the mousetrap, the pressure somewhat eased on them and they began to play a different role in the lives of humans.

The Range Of Mousetraps From Nature! Just Claws!

domestic cat - a great pet to have - no spring just claws!
domestic cat - a great pet to have - no spring just claws!

Meow! - Felis Catus Characteristics

A more honorable position amongst humans ... as pets ... and no longer as mere mouse catchers!

So, nature's mousetrap, powered by sheer instinct gives way to a mechanical device powered by a spring, and simply known as the "mousetrap!" Trust man to interfere with nature!

Let us devote this hub to explore a very interesting issue. The difference between a cat and a mousetrap.

Domestic Cat - Paws And Paws!

To begin with, the mousetrap cannot identify and seek it's target.

It is the action of the target that causes the mousetrap to spring into action, whereas a cat can actually sense the presence of a mouse by the sensors which are pre-installed in its system.

A cat is far more stable than any mechanical devise with a near zero error potential as well!

On spotting a mouse, alerted by its scent, confirmed by movement, a cat will definitely spring into action! A mousetrap, on the other hand will only spring into action when challenged directly by a mouse.

Paws And Claws!

bengali kitten? - nah, not this one .. he's a better looking kitty!
bengali kitten? - nah, not this one .. he's a better looking kitty!

More About Cats - Types Of Cats

The cat leaves no evidence of any action, it just swallows up all evidence. That's the characteristic of all types of cats!

A mousetrap has to be set and re-set every time a task is completed, and in addition, it has to be cleaned up too.

It is not as dangerous to accidentally step on a cat as it is to step on a mousetrap.

Unintentionally stepping on a cat, you could get away with a loud "NGG-EEEEYEOW!!!" followed by a "khkhkhkhkhkh....."

Felis Catus - Nature's Mousetrap!

nature's mousetrap dozing off! ... however, Felis Catus is fully alert! ... don't let his looks fool you!
nature's mousetrap dozing off! ... however, Felis Catus is fully alert! ... don't let his looks fool you!

It's The Sense Of Smell

Our feline friend can sense the presence of a mouse by utilizing his sense of smell, and his acute hearing abilities.

In short a cat is a programmed mousetrap which actually seeks its target. "Seek And Destroy!" That's the programming code set by nature! SAD? Yes it is! ... Sad? No it's not!

It is a mobile mousetrap which uses its sensors like a heat seeking missile going after it's target irrespective of location, within the boundaries if it's marked area.

Paws! Then Pause - Smelt A Mouse?

Felis Catus Genus - that's the way he goes ... contemplating
Felis Catus Genus - that's the way he goes ... contemplating

Cat Videos - Ten Best

That's My Cat!

Accidentally stepping on a mousetrap could result in injury and the need to get an anti-tetanus injection.

Cats have emotions too. They are friendly by nature and really good to look at. They make good companions too. They also make a big hit amongst children.

Having a cat around is a pleasant experience whereas having a mousetrap in the house is somewhat dangerous.

So, right now if you are faced with the problem of mice, get yourself a cat, revert to nature. Nature knows it all.

Go for it! If you are one of those dudes or dudesses who prefers solar energy to fossil fuel energy, and if you are one who would select an eco friendly location for a holiday, then in your attempt to align with nature, get yourself nature's mousetrap. Get a cat!

Cat Training

Understanding A Cat's Body Language And Moods

Cats As Pets? Great!

If you have some patience, go for a kitten. These fellows grow up to be cats with all the features that we have discussed! If the pet store is too far away for you to access, try to catch one in the alley.

Otherwise request your postman to get you one! These guys come across many on their rounds, and would be delighted to oblige such a request ... I believe!

As an alternative, you could make a request from the local policemen who do night patrolling in your area! Policemen on night duty do come across cats by the dozens ... and kittens too! The choice is yours, of course depending on availability! I wish you the very best of luck!

... end of part one

Bucket Mousetrap

The Better Mousetrap

A Rat Trap - Not A Mousetrap!

Train Your Cat! - Train Felis Catus To Do Other Things As Well!

Meet Felis Catus - Some Facts About Cats Too

According to history, human beings have been associating with cats for nearly 9,500 years. Good for them! Associating with cats is a fascinating thing indeed.

The cat is a very friendly animal indeed. The sound that a cat makes, "ngaew," is really pleasing to the human ear. I mean to say it is pleasing to MY ear, and I am human!

According to Wikipedia, Cats may be the most popular pet in the world, residing in over six hundred million homes throughout the world.

Officially known as Felis Catus, the cat is a carnivorous animal and is useful to the household by virtue of it's ability to rid homes of mice, snakes, scorpions, and most other undesirable insects.

Cats need around fifteen hours of sleep for every twenty four hour period. Some can even doze of for up to twenty hours!

Cats have excellent night vision. In fact I believe they can see pretty well in complete darkness. The eyes of a cat appear to look like one jet black marble immediately after sunset, enabling this function.

Cats have a great sense of smell too. It is said that their sense of smell is supposed to be fourteen times stronger than that of humans.

The ancient Egyptians used to adore cats, and considered them sacred. I do not remember the source that I am quoting from. Perhaps it was mentioned in a book on Tutankhamun. The same source stated that Egyptian men at that time used to shave their eyebrows when a cat died.

Cats are good looking animals. In fact out of all the animals on earth, when it comes to good looks, I would certainly pick the cat as the best looking.

Even the sound that they make suits their appearance very well! A well tuned "NGYAEOW," one that is modulated with a purr usually comes out of a hungry cat when his meal is about to be served!

It is at this time that the tail is up on full mast when the excitement of the prospect of a meal is on!

Nine Lives To You Too!

it's the same old Felis Catus once again ... the mood seems to be unchanged!
it's the same old Felis Catus once again ... the mood seems to be unchanged!

Check Out This Quiz - It's About Cats!

view quiz statistics

Nine Lives?

A cat's life-span is supposed to be 15 years. However as they pass the twelfth year they lose interest in almost everything around.They become dull and appear to be lethargic.

They are no longer interested in tiny moving objects, no longer interested in mice, and simply want to be left alone. They are not interested in playing any more.

A strange kind of dignity sets in, probably one associated with old age!

They don't dart after something at the slightest provocation caused by the movement of an insect. Their eyes no longer widen up when they hear a rustling sound.

They no longer are curious to "check out" the contents of bags brought home.

You can no longer get them to stand on their hind legs and reach out for a piece of meat that you are holding!

Nature's mousetrap has now lost its sting and its spring. I guess that is the retirement age for cats!

When that age approaches, make a special place for him, a place from where he can easily access whatever he need to, in his retirement.

Replenish his water as often as needed. Make sure his whiskas or salmon is given to him on time. Don't make him seek you when he is hungry. Remember he has served you well.

And now ... it's also time to check out the prospects of getting a kitten. Remember it's kittens that grow up to be cats!

... concluded

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a white Felis Catus, posing!
a white Felis Catus, posing!
same cat, same pose, but from a different angle.
same cat, same pose, but from a different angle.

What's Up, Cat? - Probably The First Of Nine Lives!

characteristics - look up at the camera!
characteristics - look up at the camera!

Mousetrap - Seek And Destroy!

classification - it's him again!
classification - it's him again!

Seek And Thou Shalt Find! - Cat On The Prowl

lost something?
lost something?

© 2008 quicksand


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    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago

      Hi BeatsMe, Cats are perfect animals! Thanks for commenting!

    • BeatsMe profile image


      11 years ago

      Liked how you introduced the cats. They seem perfect, based on your description. :)

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago

      Hey Lgali, get yourself a cat soon. the sooner the better!

    • Lgali profile image


      12 years ago

      great advice

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago

      Thanks for your visit and your remarks, compu-smart. From your avatar it is evident that you too are a cat fan! :)

    • compu-smart profile image

      Tony Sky 

      12 years ago from London UK

      Yes,great advice!! and get a cat from a rescue centre is the best!:)

      i could not find the quote you could not find, but i found this which made me laugh as its something i would do!

      The Muslim prophet Mohammed found a cat sleeping on his robe, so he cut a hole in his robe rather than disturb the sleeping cat.



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