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A tribute to my cat Felix - The Most Awesome Cat Ever

Updated on June 26, 2013

In loving memory...

My cat Felix tragically passed away in early 2012 at the age of 13. He was there for me when I needed him and I was there for him when he needed me.

I know each cat has their own character and I know each and every one is special, but still I dare say Felix was one of a kind.

He will always be in my heart.

I decided to share a few stories (with more to come) that really made this cat stand out.

One kitty's revenge

How Felix became a part of our family.

It was a warm summers eve back in 1998 (18th June to be exact) when a small black and white ball of fur started screaming in front of our front door. It came as no surprise as the neighbours (across the street) cat would always have a cat litter in the barn nearby and this one was part of that litter. The little one had barely had it's eyes open and it was screaming for it's mother. We all assumed it somehow got lost and we searched for the mother. When we finally found the cat and brought her to the little kitten she, to our surprise, started to attack the poor kitty. We had to take them apart.

So I was left with a kitten in my arms. Neighbours that live above us suggested we get rid of the cat. As a kid I didn't quite understand what they meant with get rid of the cat but my guts told me that it can't be anything good and I remembered screaming if they want to get rid of the cat they will first have to get rid of me. I wouldn't let go of it and it was decided I can keep it.

We named it Felix, as the lucky one. A quick inspection at the vet revealed it was a he and to my joy they were all very quick to say that the cat probably won't survive as it was so little. They gave no instructions on how to take care of the poor kitty.

I was clueless and so was my family. Me and my sister decided to imitate the mother and feed the kitty whenever he will make a lot of noise (which was a lot) with cow milk through the syringe. It worked out well. Looking back now I would be really appreciative if the vets have told me that most cats can't drink cow milk! I was lucky Felix wasn't lactose intolerant as most cats are.

Even if very little he would soon show his super cool character. When our neighbour (the owner of Felix's mother) came to visit and decided to lift and pet him the little fellow pee'd all over her. The pee just kept on coming and I could just imagine what Felix was thinking "Muahahaha have a taste of my revenge for having a cat who's an awful mother!"

Me and Felix - Festive season!

My Loyal Companion

Where I went he went

When you get a kitten as small as I did you two develop a special connection. Felix would follow me everywhere! And when I say everywhere I mean it. If I went to the store he would go with me, when I was older and started going out he would go with me and hang in the pub. One evening he followed me to a local pub where I had a ride to another location. A few hours later when the bar was closing the waiter called me to pick up my cat as he was sitting and waiting at the bar stool. Everyone knew Felix!

He seemed to not care about education though as he never escorted me to school.

He would also sleep with me on my bed. When I was a kid he would sleep on a chair next to my bed and wait for me to go to bed. When I was ready he would stretch his paws and back, jump of the chair and curl next to me in the bed.

As years flew by his habit would stay the same, well sometimes he would go to the bed before me. When I met my partner and when he would sleep over Felix wasn't all that happy about it. There was some jealousy involved it seems as whenever he would hear us kiss he would come to check out the situation. At night he would curl up between us and would have his tiny head on the pillow next to ours. My partner adored him as much as I did. Even though Felix could sometimes cross the line as he knew how to open the doors by himself... Sometimes his timing wasn't all that great...

Felix and his friend - Relaxing

This picture was taken in 2011. The other cat (left) is Little Mouse and we still have him. Felix wasn't very friendly towards other abandoned cats that I brought home (and gave away when they were stable) but when he saw Little Mouse he accepted him with no hesitation. We decided to keep Little Mouse.

We later realized that the reason behind Felix accepting this fellah was probably pity as it turns out Little Mouse isn't exactly a brainiac. Far from it to be honest. But you just gotta love him.

If you look closely at the picture you might notice how weird Felix's mouth looks like. This would be because he started to loose his teeth at that time. He lost two fangs the poor thing even though his teeth very always perfect.

Demon to Some Angel to Others

The Jing and Jang

While he was all lovely and fluffy to me he did have his evil side after all he was a black and white so it comes at no surprise he had his jing and jang.

My friends would often come to visit and Felix didn't like them all it seemed. There was this guy who wanted to play with Felix and teased him (I warned him not too) a bit which soon resulted in my cat starting to bread heavily and you could see the rage build-up. It all happened so fast, Felix jumped off of the ground and landed in the poor boys chest - with it's front paws, well claws firmly secured on the chest and back paws dangling loosely. I imagine the experience wasn't pleasant but it looked hilarious. The boy was trying to shake of my dear Felix and as he was shaking the back paws were swinging left and right. Priceless. How I wish smartphones were available back then...

He was also known as Felix the Reaper to some as he had the tendency to make tears in pants and jeans.

His Drug Habit Was Worrisome

He tried morphine and alcohol

The story I am about to tell could have a tragic ending but as the cat was protected by his name Felix (at least until the unlucky age of 13) luck was on his side.

I really don't want to go to much background detail here. My grandfather was very ill, in fact he was dying. He was treated at home and the nurse would come each day to give him a shot of morphine. When she was done she threw away the bottle in which the morphine was into the bucked next to the bed. The bucked had some water in it. Felix came in and drank the water. Minutes later he was stoned. We instantly called the vet who explained that if the cat was moving around and acting somewhat normal everything will be ok but we should keep an eye on him.

His eyes were like two big headlights lurking around the room. His back paws were walking faster than the first pair which made him walk funny. He decided to jump on a chair but it seemed the morphine had an effect on his depth recognition as he was trying to jump on the chair while he was in fact far from it (he made several jumping attempts) He would make strange noises and tried his best to walk out, through the closed window.

It was all OK the next day and he didn't do drugs any more. He did have a taste of alcohol though at a later occasion...

Other than that I have to admit he was a very clean kitty. He was especially picky when it came to drinking water as he preferred water straight from the water pipe.


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