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snake omen

Updated on July 5, 2013

snakes myths and facts

Snakes myths and legends stories are very famous in India from the ancient times. Snakes are believed to be the most deadly reptile and perhaps out of fear, it is called 'Nagdevta' or the 'snake-deity'. About a snake myths the Hindus worship black cobra because it forms the garland round lord Shiva neck. Snake in indian mythology,Lord Vishnu is also described to be having his abode on the couch formed by the primal snake 'Seshnag' coils. Nag-panchami is the day reserved for snakes worship by the devout Hindus. As a matter of fact, myths about the snakes tells , the snake represents both good and evil qualities. It is associated with legends of many religious faiths. At times it represents secrecy and miserliness while, in others, immortality and a source of divine inspirations.

In India the snakes, owing to its drastically different qualities is the subject of many legends and myths. There is believed to be a full tribe worshipping snake in Punjab. In ancient days, the snake was considered the king of reptiles. It was so much adored that many accorded snakes full obsequies rituals after their death. Their funeral was celebrated with full ritual, pomp and show.

The Indian folklore believes that snakes change their form after every hundred years; they shed their slough and acquire new body. Snakes are the traditional custodians of the hidden treasures. Many snake-charmers earn their livelihood by making their pet performs uncanny tasks. Finding the hidden family treasures, by sacrificing a little blood from the tiny left finger of the first born, is a common practice with many communities.

* A snake approaching a traveller foretells his encounter with his enemies, death and ruin of his kin's men. A snakes crawling from the right to left bodes ill for the travellers journey.

* While entering a village or town if you see a black snake on the right side of the road it is auspicious omen for success and victory over the enemy.

* However, according to general belief, omens related to snakes are never auspicious.

* A cobra with white or mustard coloured marks is reckoned as the guardian of wealth. Normally the devout Hindus never kill a cobra. If they happen to spot one in the house or field, it is good omen for them. Feeding milk to cobras and lighting lamp near their furrow is a common practice. They pray cobras to protect their families form the curse and other uncanny accidents. If the cobra drinks the milk and goes away to its furrow, it means it has accepted the responsibility of protecting the worshipper's family.

Hercules fighting the Hydra

snakes omens

snakes in indian mythology

* Spoting a black snake, on the left side of the road is inauspicious.

* A white snake, on any side of the road, it is also inauspicious.(it ought to be killed and hacked to pieces)

* While embarking upon a journey, if a person spots a black cobra raising its hood in a high benefit manner, it is a sure omen for getting kingdom or a high post. In case the cobra repeatedly dashes its hood against earth in apparent anger, one should never under take journey, for one may never return alive. In such cases the person should defer his or her journey and worship snakes with greater devotion.
* A boa or a dragon is too held as divine. But their crossing your way is also a bad omen.

* Spotting a black serpent-couple, engaged in a sexual union, is a bad omen. It tantamount to ones inviting own death, or severe drought or widespread strife in ones land.

Superstitions and myths of snakes in india - books related to indian snakes and myths

What do think about the mythology behind the snakes ?

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    • jadehorseshoe profile image


      6 years ago

      VERY Informative Lens.

    • delia-delia profile image


      7 years ago

      Interesting lens, nicely done!


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