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Abyssinian Cat Breed Facts

Updated on February 8, 2015
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Anna studied psychology, law, English, and animal welfare in college. She is a mother of two and aspires to become a vet some day.

I Love the Abyssinian Cat Breed

This breed of cat has always fascinated me - I love their large ears and slender, sleek bodies. Although they are a fully domesticated cat breed, somehow they have a wild cat look about them and their highly intelligent natures make them perfect pets for anyone who wants a playful, but independent, companion.

Abyssinians are affectionate, but very much when they feel like it and their affection is only given on their terms, when it suits them. They are not 'needy' creatures and will happily spend their afternoons up a tree or exploring rather than pestering you for cuddles and fuss... It's not that us cat owners don't enjoy giving cuddles and fuss, but Lord knows there is a limit!

Abyssinian Cats are Beautiful

The Abyssinian breed was first listed in 1882 and has since become one of the most desirable and impressive breeds of short-haired domesticated cat. The breed is thought to have come from Egypt, brought back to England by explorers who then continued to breed Abyssinians.

In appearance, the Abyssinian is the spitting image of what many consider to be an Egyptian cat, although the name actually comes from Ethiopia. This breed have shockingly large ears, and delicate, doll like faces combined with incredibly sleek, smooth and graceful bodies with well developed muscles and long tails. It is also a very slender breed and these appearances combined makes it look much like a wild cat. Abyssinians can have either gold, green, copper or hazel coloured eyes and their noses and chins form straight lines in perfect symmetry when seen from the front.

The coat is glossy, silky and medium in length. The colour is also stunning due to the fact each hair has four shades, starting lightest at the root and becoming darker and darker, which gives the cat's fur what is known as a ticked colour. Usually the Abyssinian coats will be a mixture of red and light brown in colour with black paws and ankles, although other colours include silver, lilac, chocolate, cream, red, tortoiseshell, fawn, blue and what is known as sorrel which is a cinnamon base colour with chocolate brown ticking and brown legs and paws. As kittens, Abyssinians are born with very dark coats and these lighten as the kitten matures. It usually takes several months for the real coat colour to be established.

Abyssinian Gifts

Reflections Sterling Silver Abyssinian Cat Bead/Charm
Reflections Sterling Silver Abyssinian Cat Bead/Charm

A beautiful addition to any cat-lovers charm bracelet.



Abyssinians have a good temperament, but they are willful and not lap-cats, as the will prefer to play and explore their surroundings. They are extremely extrovert creatures and it is argued that they have some of the best personalities of all the breeds of cat. They are highly intelligent animals, and will be cautious about heights and other potential dangers when exploring, which means the owner doesn't have to worry much about keeping a close eye on them. They also tend to be more sensible than most cats around moving cars, and many owners agree that their Abyssinians won't venture out on to roads if there is a car coming. Female Abyssinians can sometimes be short-tempered with other cats as they like their space and enjoy doing their own thing, although, generally, they get on fine with other cats and animals in general.

What do you think of Abyssinian cats?

What do you think of Abyssinian cats?

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Would You Consider Owning This Cat Breed?

Would You Consider Owning This Cat Breed?

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Watch This Short Video On Abyssinians

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      4 years ago

      I own eight tortoises, two cats,and a dog. In the past we had an Abyssinian who lived to be almost 19 years old.


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