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How difficult is it to adopt a new fur-baby?

Updated on August 29, 2016

Is it harder to adopt a pet rather than buying?

I'll come out and say it first thing: Adopting is an AMAZING way to go and I give mad props to those who "Opt to Adopt" as they say but are shelters making it too difficult to bring Fido home after so long of seeing families come and go? Or is buying just to dang easy?

My real life situation happened a few months back where a friend and I both went out to surprise our husbands with bringing home fur babies! We went to the local animal shelter (No kill mind you!) it was perfect, I found a great two year old dog that was perfect for us and she found the perfect dog for her an her husband, her and I literally played with and walked dogs for THREE hours before making our choices, now, here is the info they asked us and we gave them:

  • They checked parents' vet records (mine had none, they checked my friends husbands parents record )
  • I'm over 21 years old
  • own my own home
  • Showed them pictures of the soon to be fur-babies bedroom (not even exaggerating)
  • Gave them a complete print out of where the vet would be, emergency contact, etc...

I am overly prepared and proud of it but back to the subject! My friend got a call later that same day that she and her husband could pick up their new fur baby but only AFTER they drove a half hour out of their way to a veterinary clinic that was in different town for heart worm medication. In my personal opinion I think they should have some on hand to sell (extra profit for the humane society) to make it easier on the soon to be owners, especially when that's a vet the pooch wont even be going to.

After all the information I gave to them I waited an hour after my friend got her call and starting ringing them up wondering "Why haven't I gotten a call?" Their answer was that they would call me later this week, maybe. At this point my heart is sinking for the dog I wanted so badly to bring home and make part of the family, but relentlessly I called every day for a week! And received NO answer! Nadda! Zip! Nothing! They just kept feeding me some line of "Well we'll call you later." Now here's my next issue, these poor animals have lived pretty crummy lives or just hit a spell of bad luck and need a forever home to play and be loved, why would a shelter (that's over flowing with so many animals they refuse to take in anymore) not want to get them homes as quickly as they can?

Not to bash their system either, I think that it should in a way be an interviewing process where they check out the home the animal will spend their life in, know what vet you plan to be going to and so on and so forth. But, to make it so difficult for someone to adopt? I also understand that because many of these poor dogs and cats have had rough lives they deserve a loving home and not be dragged eventually into the same situation! I'll tell you what I did end up doing, I ended up buying a puppy about a month after calling and eventually seeing the doggy I wanted to bring into my home go into another which was bitter sweet to say the least. But, I brought home the spunkiest and most loving German Shepherd I'd ever get the privilege to have as my fur-baby he may chew my shoes and I may have had to teach him to use the green toilet but I'm not ashamed of my choice, Max is the best paws down! Especially since my Max was 5 months old when I brought him home, he was huge for a puppy, and no one wanted him because of that fact that when you think puppy you think cute, cuddly and tiny. I think that's what makes me love him more though! Because everyone else missed out on such an amazing best friend. Sorry for gloating back to subject!!

Now, had the shelter called me I would have adopted the dog I picked out earlier that day and I'm still pretty upset after months after the incident that I never got a call and the fact that its so difficult for someone to adopt! No matter how prepared you are to bring home your Fur-ever baby! I wish I could tell them to make it a little easier for people because when someone comes into the shelter and plays with all the dogs for a good 3 hours before deciding the perfect dog to bring home should show that, that person probably really would dedicate a lot for that dog. I feel that more dogs would be adopted rather than purchased if the process was simpler and if someone calls for a dog every day I would get that dog adopted out so it can start its new life in a loving home.

This article was not intended in anyway to put down animal shelters but to help inspire them to perhaps change the way they do their procedures when it comes to someone wanting to adopt so that others like me won't get their heart broken being set on brining Fido home only to be turned away and then have to buy. I'm still not opposed to adoption I think its amazing and even volunteering can brighten up a dog or cats day just to have a loving hand pat their head and scratch behind their ears. I must admit though I'm glad now that I didn't get the dog at the shelter because I would have my big ball of fur Max! All things happen for a reason, no doubt about that!

So what do you as readers think? Is an adoption process a little too hard? And, what exactly does one do if they are an "inexperienced" dog owner? Do you buy a dog to later adopt? What do you think Shelters should do to make the process be easier? Thoughts and opinions are always welcome!

My Max!

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What's the dog-gone difference?

Animal Shelter
Lives in a pen
Lives in a home most of the time (Fostered)
Born into loving homes a lot of the time
Sometimes born here
Gets a loving family to care for them until new family adopts
You pick which puppy/kitten you want and can "imprint" puppy/kitten from a very young age
Not much time spent outdoors usually
Lots of times older or abused animals that are in need of one on one socializing with humans or other pets
Puppies/kittens are very expensive, especially if they come with papers
Dogs/cats are already spayed/neutered and up to date on shots
Dog/cat is already spayed/neutered and up to date on shots
YOU have to spay/neuter, get them up to date on shots, etc..

Just helping your tear duct function is all!


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