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The Westminster

Updated on February 22, 2010

Wacker my basset hound will turn two in about two months. In dog years this puts him in his teenage stage of growth. I know it may be hard for someone my age to remember back then, but if I am thinking right my thoughts centered around the opposite sex. Wacker is still in love with Ellie the poodle down the street but her human won't let her out much because the snow is melting and it is a little muddy in the yard. Everyday on our walks he stops in front of her home and bays rather loudly. She comes to the window and presses her nose against it. He rubs his on the fence where they last kissed. Romeo and Juliet were never more in love. Even the boxer twins down the street have stopped coming to the fence and protesting his presence. He just ignores them. Back home we settled down to watch Katie on the news. He on his cube me in my chair. He had picked up a raw hide chew and had it in his mouth like a small brown cigar. Things seemed normal till Katie showed us a segment on the Westminster Dog Show. Wacker perked up and took notice. His cigar dropped out of his mouth and he stared intently at the screen. Then the segment was over. He turned to me with that "What The Hell" look on his face. Why had I been hiding the fact he could watch a dog fashion show from him. He finally turned to me and stared me down like he does the boxers. I gave in. Who wouldn't? Turning the cable guide on I found the channel it was playing on and turned it. He rolled back around and stated to watch it. Picking up his raw hide cigar he began to twist it and gnaw on it savagely. His tail would wag occasionally as certain dogs pranced on the runway. The show finally ended and alas Katie had already signed off. I told him " I hope you are happy." He just turned to me and smiled jumped down and went fast asleep on his bed. It was almost embarrassing. He would sort of chortle and his legs would move as if he was walking along side of the dogs. I know the show will be over soon and I will have to buy him some tapes of it. Maybe there is a series like Girls Gone Wild except with dogs that I can subscribe to. I can see it now some big chested collie drunk and holding up her paws like the young girls do with two fingers upraised. With all the boy dogs cheering her on as she chugs a funnel of beer.



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