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Aikiou Interactive Dog Food Bowl

Updated on September 21, 2014

Helps Dogs Eat Their Food More Slowly and Keeps 'Em Busy Too!

If your dog scarfs his food down in 30 seconds flat you may REALLY want to give the Aikiou Dog Food Bowl a look. This unique interactive dog food dispenser makes your dog work for his food. Yep, in order for dinner to "arrive", your pooch must first figure out where the food is hiding. Then, he'll be busy sliding open doors and turning the wheel to get to the tasty food. Amazingly, Aikiou holds up to 3 1/2 cups of dog food - so it's perfect for any size dog!

Check Out This Pooch Using the Aikiou Dog Food Bowl

Another video of a dog eating with the Aikou Food Bowl

Wow! 14 Hidden Food Compartments Are Hiding Within Aikiou! - Yep, Your Dog's Gonna Have Fun With This!

aikiou dog food bowl
aikiou dog food bowl
aikiou interactive dog food bowl
aikiou interactive dog food bowl

Another Way to Use Aikiou: Snacktime Puzzle Fun!

Put a Few Pieces of Kibble in Aikiou and Let Your Dog Find Them!

Have you noticed that dog puzzles and dog games are all the rage now? But the Aikiou Interactive Dog Food Bowl has one thing those other puzzles don't: the ability to double as a dog food bowl. You see, those other dog puzzles hold just a handful of treats, while the Aikiou Dog Food Bowl holds a full meal - up to 3.5 cups of dog food. So, Aikiou can be used for snack time, meal time or play time!

The Aikiou Slow Feeder is easy to use - just add food to each of the sliding compartments and then dogs use noses or paws to move the sliding doors to reveal their meal. Aikou drastically slows down a dog's feeding time. For instance, for dogs who currently wolf their food down in 15 seconds, with the Aikou Bowl, that could now take 5 minutes. That means a healthier eating time and better digestion.

Slow Eating: Healthy Dog

Slowing down the rate at which your dog is ingesting food greatly reduces digestion problems and encourages good eating habits. When your dog is eating slower, he'll feel fuller sooner.

Slow Eating is Healthy Eating

When dogs gorge on their food, it can lead to health problems. Some are less serious, like burping, vomiting and gas but others, like bloat can be life threatening or even deadly.

When bloat happens in a dog, his stomach fills with air, fluid and/or food. The enlarged stomach then puts pressure on other organs, can cause difficulty breathing, and may decrease blood supply to a dog’s vital organs.

Bloat is so serious that, even with immediate attention, approximately 25% to 40% of dogs die from this medical emergency.

Slowing a dog's eating time can drastically reduce his chances of getting bloat in the first place.

Is Your Dog a Wolfer or a Grazer?

How Quickly Does Your Dog Finish A Meal?

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The Aikiou Dog Bowl Comes in Pink Too!

Because you know those girly-girl dogs want to flash their feminine side with a cool pink Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl. Now THAT'S stylin'!

The black and pink Aikou works exactly the same as the original blue color - it's just pink!

Aikiou Poll

Think Your Dog Would Like the Aikou Dog Bowl?

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