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Airedale Terrier Wallpapers

Updated on December 26, 2012

Airedale Terriers

The Airedale Terrier is a very unique looking dog, and the largest amongst the terriers. Its small, dark eyes which when accompanied by square face, gives it a very funny and different look.

When considering the funny face and the usual boisterous temperament of the dog, it adds to the fun and enjoyment of having or looking at one of these humorous canines. They are especially playful when puppies, although they can retain that playfulness as they grow up if they have no competing interests like squirrels and other critters they will take off after at a moments notice.

But if nothing is attracting their attention, they are a lot of fun to interact with, and one of their favorite activities are playing with a ball.

All of this adds up to a terrific dog that is a great wallpaper photo to place on your computer to get a good laugh and brighten up the day. Knowing its somewhat rascally disposition and tendency to want to dominate things around him, makes for a lot of laughs when seeing that look on its face that apparently confirms all these stories about it.

Funny Airedale Terrier Wallpaper

What's hilarious about Airedale's terrier's is they're so ugly that they are cute. Everything about this head shot of this Airedale encompasses and showcases all the funny features of this rambunctious dog.

Those little eyes are what set off the entire hilarity of its specific look, as they set in a way that makes the rest of the square or rectangular shape of its face look really funny. How could you not give a chuckle with this image looking back at you?

It's the ears, eyes, hair, nose and shape of the face combined that gives it the unforgettable appearance it has.

When that is included with its interesting personality you really have a face that "only a mother could love," or everyone else gets a lot of laughs out of.

In the case of the Airedale Terrier it's the latter that gets the most responses.

Airedale Terrier Wallpaper
Airedale Terrier Wallpaper | Source

Side View of Airedale Terrier

For those who want a full side view of the Airedale Terrier, this is a great wallpaper to use.

Now the style of hair and somewhat dull colors don't make this a dog of beauty. Even so, for those that know how to properly groom an Airedale, it can be made to look quite nice. You can see some of that here with the way the hair on the legs looks puffed out nicely.

In what may be surprising to some, the Airedale Terrier is used by many people as a show dog. It can be trained to obey fairly easily, although the trainer must know how to treat the dog species correctly, as similar to humans, this outgoing type resists heavy-handed discipline, although it responds to consistent firmness.


Pampered Airedale Terrier

Seeing the fluffy hair around the face, legs and paws of this Airedale Terrier wallpaper tell me that he is indeed quite a pampered fellow, although he would have had to have gone through some extensive training by a knowledgeable trainer to be inside in this relaxed position.

Airedale's need a lot of running and exercise time, and it's not that common to see them relaxed in photos.

And as far as an Airedale can look good, this is about as handsome as they're ever going to get. It is interesting to compare him with the more scruffy dogs above; especially the first one.


Airedale Terrier Playing with Ball

In this wallpaper of an Airedale Terrier we see the dog participating in his favorite activity - playing with a ball. All of the dogs of this species needs to let out its pent up energy, and outside of going for long walks, playing ball with them is the major way to help them release it.

This is a great wallpaper catching the dog just before it's about to go after the ball thrown to him by its owner. You can see it's just about to launch into the air after the ball.

It's a nice photo that captures a terrific moment any dog lover would enjoy viewing.


Airedale Running on Beach

Now here we have an Airedale truly getting the exercise it needs, with a wonderful image of it running along the beach. You can tell from its face and perked up ears and tail that is is really enjoying the environment surrounding it and the run itself.

Most of the time the wallpapers I use are for the purpose of inspiring or reminding me of lessons of life I need to keep before me.

With this one it speaks to me of the need for down time and a little play in order to reduce some fo that stress that life inevitably brings. It's hard to look at this scene and not feel a little relaxation coming upon me. I think that would be the same for most people seeing this great Airedale Terrier wallpaper.


Airedale Terrier Wallpapers

Airedale Terrier wallpapers are an amazing way to celebrate a very unique dog that definitely defines much of life on its own terms.

They are very trainable, but there is always something deep down in them that remains their own dog, and when the right circumstances come up they revert back to that inherent nature that makes them what they are.

All of that makes them a great choice for those who enjoy the humor that comes with the odd-looking dog, as well as being reminded when things get tough that we need to remain true to who we truly are.


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    • profile image

      alison blair stern 4 months ago

      Obviously not an Airedale person who wrote this. "Only a face a mother could love?" "So ugly that they're cute"? Are you kidding me? I'll keep my own Dales on my computer screen, thank you.

    • profile image

      Julie 8 months ago

      How can you say they're so ugly they're cute?? Seriously?!?!

    • profile image

      joe 4 years ago

      Ugly? Hardly. Easily one of the most beautiful dogs out there

    • Judi Bee profile image

      Judith Hancock 5 years ago from UK

      I've got my own Airedale sitting next to me, so I won't need any wallpaper :) Can't imagine you're going to manage to persuade many Airedale owners to go for the wallpaper when you say that their favourite dog is "funny looking", "odd looking" and "ugly" though :D