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ALL CATS GO TO HEAVEN. . .including Sam

Updated on March 6, 2011
Windwalker and Little Bear
Windwalker and Little Bear

I used to own two dogs. They did a good job of protecting all the stuff I had back then. When Little Bear closed his eyes for the last time I decided not to own another dog, ever. Simply cannot take their leaving.

I did not plan on my cat Sam. Some nasty teen- aged boys left him in an alley in a cardboard box. They watched in hiding for a truck to run over him. But Sam is a very vocal cat, and was hungry and he was protesting the cold French fry in the box, which was all he had to eat.

Everyone in the town of Placerville could hear Sam that morning although he was only five weeks old and unusually tiny. My friend who owned a jewelry store that backed up to the alley brought him to me.

Never owned a cat, had no equipment, food, or anything, but nonetheless Sam went home with me in a paper bag and we stopped at the pet store for other necessities but I forgot to buy a carrier. I began lugging him around in a tiny hat- box and to this day he likes hanging out in hat- boxes.

Sam has been with me now for 12 years. He is still very vocal. He sometimes does things that might possibly get him banned from heaven. But he can’t help himself, so I think it’s OK. He frightens easily, and when he is frightened he attacks the nearest living thing.

YIKES that’s ME. I’ve got scars all over my legs to prove it.

But them he settles down, gets rather sweet and takes up his position on top of my computer keyboard. Which is all right, except the fatter he gets the more difficult it has become for me to type and I don’t mess with Sam. He might get scared. So, I gently push his big fat belly off the keys and for a few minutes anyway, I can type.

By the way, Sam has a pink belly, which matches his pink paw pads and he has a pink nose. Surely that alone will get him into heaven. One of his pink little pads has a black heart on it. Oh my gosh that is too cute.

I'm just saying, Sam has his faults, but I’m pretty sure he will get into heaven. Any little creature that brings such joy to his owner has earned it.



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    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      Thank you Diana: Never thought I could get so attached to a cat, but well my Sam is pretty special.:)


    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 6 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      I loved your story. Sorry you lost your dog. Pets are an important part of our families.