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Odd Couples - The Animal Way

Updated on September 22, 2013

Nobody told them that they weren't supposed to Get Along

In today's world, it seems that many just don't get along.

They may be different because of culture, gender, race, orientation or other things.

In the animal world, we know of some animals that are either enemies or protective of their own species. These behaviors are instinctual.

However, other animals just don't fit into those norms that we think that should be there. This is the animal kingdom's way of saying, "love overrules all." In this website, I have gathered videos and photos of animals who have transcended our expected boundaries and just love each other, regardless of species.

Let's take some hints from our animal friends and "Just get along."

Wikimedia Commons

Horse and Cat
Horse and Cat
Man with Chickens
Man with Chickens

All Animals can be Friends - Just like we are Friends with our Animals

When we were young, we were all raised with cartoons, television shows and certain books. This media placed stereotypes into us about how animals should behave.

Despite what we think, most of these perceptions are incorrect.

Animals are conscious and display almost every feeling that humans do and these feelings can cross into other species.

Think of humans as animals, which we are. We build relationships with other animals and share our emotions with them. It is the same with other species of animals. These feelings and emotions can be shared and a bond can be formed.

Keep your eyes open when traveling around. You may be amazed at what you see.

Flickr Commons

The Animal Couple Version of "Why can't we be Friends?" - Enjoy this soundtrack while you enjoy the collection of odd animal couples!

Get "Why can't we be Friends?" by War on MP3

Why Can't We Be Friends
Why Can't We Be Friends

If you've been looking for this song, it is the original version by War.

The talk of the day is "getting along" and what better way to do it than sing along with others.


Do you have or know Someone who has an Odd Animal Couple?

Do you know of any mismatched animal friends? Please tell us about them in the comments!

See results
Goat and Duck
Goat and Duck

A Cockatoo Thief Feeds the Dog to keep him Quiet - I have never seen anything this funny from the animal world.

Frank & Stalker
Frank & Stalker

Orphaned Goslings that were Adopted by a Dog

How do I know if my Animals will be Friendly towards each Other?

There is no way to know if your animals will be friendly with each other until they meet. Here are some tips to make sure you have a non-chaotic household.

  • If you are getting a second pet, make sure you take you first pet with you to visit the second one. When you remove your pet from it's environment, it will be less aggressive.
  • Hold on to the pet you are getting while bringing it to the first pet. If your first pet sees that the new pet is accepted by you, it could behave less aggressively.
  • Once your old pet has accepted your new pet, put them down together but still maintain control of the new pet.
  • With a dog and a cat, if they they are in the same room without aggression, they are getting along. This is the same with other types of animals also. They don't always need to be near each other and not every kind of animals will lay with or touch each other.
  • A friendly wag of the tail is usually a good sign, as is touching of noses; or a cat rubbing the other pet.
  • Even if your animals cannot get along, they could learn to tolerate each other. Sometimes strong voice commands will help you deter any aggression.

Tarra and Bella - The Amazing Elephant and Dog Odd Couple

The Conclusion of Tarra and Bella - Be warned, this may affect you!

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After watching the last video, you might need these.

Don't worry, the next videos may only bring tears of joy!


Moose and Squirrel - Ok, I know Rocky and Bullwinkle are just cartoon characters

Rocky and Bullwinkle
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Monkey & Cat
Monkey & Cat

Rio the Dog and the River Otter - The otter than comes to play, once a day!

Labrador & Llama
Labrador & Llama

Dog, Cat and Rat - Hey, isn't that a cartoon show?

Did you enjoy this Presentation of Odd Pet Couples? - Please leave a comment; I would appreciate it

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