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Weird, Funny, and Amazing Animal Facts

Updated on January 24, 2014

I Take Requests

If you're looking for funny facts about a particular animal that isn't already listed, leave me a comment and I'll do my best to find some fascinating info!

Polar Bears:

  • If you spray an antiseptic spray on a polar bear, its fur will turn purple.
  • All polar bears are left handed.
  • A polar bear's fur is clear. It reflects the light, making it appear white.


  • A pig's orgasm can last up to 30 minutes.
  • Pigs are the only animal that will drink hard liquor voluntarily.
  • A pig can run a 7 minute mile.
  • Ever wonder what do pigs eat? Pigs are omnivores and eat both meat and plants!


  • Over a person's lifetime, they'll eat 8 spiders in their sleep.
  • Scorpions can be killed by pouring vinegar over them.
  • You are 3 times more likely to be killed by a flying champagne cork than by a bit from a venomous spider.


  • Cat urine glows under a black light.
  • Some lions mate over 50 times a day
  • Cat's jaws cannot move sideways.
  • Jaguars are frightened by dogs.
  • A 30 feet fall can be survived by most cats.
  • In ancient Egypt, killing a cat was a crime punishable by death.


  • A giraffe can clean it's ears with its 21 inch tongue.
  • In Atlanta, GA, it is illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp.


  • One quarter of all the creatures on the planet are beetles.
  • An ant always falls over to the right when intoxicated.
  • Butterflies taste with their feet.
  • A cockroach is the only animal that could possibly withstand a nuclear war.
  • An ant can survive up to 2 days underwater.


  • A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.
  • Crocodiles swallow stones to help them dive deeper.


  • Koalas have fingerprints that are almost identical to ours.
  • Koalas are excellent swimmers.
  • Despite popular belief, koalas aren't cuddly. Males can be very aggressive and territorial.


  • Lobsters have features similar to cockroaches.
  • Lobsters have pale blue blood.
  • It takes a lobster approximately seven years to grow to be one pound.


  • In Alaska, it is illegal to look at a moose from the window of an aircraft. This is to discourage moose poachers.
  • Moose have terrible vision, so much so that they'll mate with small vehicles.


  • It is possible to lead a cow upstairs, but not downstairs.
  • Cows can smell scents that are up to six miles away.
  • Bulls are not attracted to the color red.
  • A cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in it's lifetime.


  • The turkey was wrongly named after its believed country of origin.
  • A woodpecker can peck 20 times per second.
  • In Minnesota, it is illegal to cross state lines with a duck on your head.
  • Hummingbirds are the only bird that can fly backwards.
  • Turkeys can reproduce without having sex. It's called parthenogenesis.
  • An ostriches eyes are bigger than its brain.


  • Elephants are the only animals that can't jump.
  • In Milwaukee, residents must keep pet elephants on a leash while walking them on public streets.
  • The elephant's memory is legendary, in fact, they have a special ceremony for the return of a long lost member of the herd.


  • Besides humans, dolphins are the only other animal who have sex for pleasure.
  • Dolphins sleep with one eye open.


  • Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.
  • The world's smallest mammal is the bumblebee bat of Thailand which weighs about as much as a dime


  • Starfish haven't got brains.
  • Eels have two hearts.
  • If you leave a goldfish in a dark room for years, it will turn white.
  • A goldfish has the memory span of 3 - 5 seconds.
  • A jellyfish is 95% water.
  • Most marine fish can survive in a tank of human blood.


  • The word "Penguin" means "fat winged" one in Portuguese.
  • Penguins have one mate for life. They "sing" to each other to learn their and recognize each others' voices.
  • Male Adelie penguins often bring females a gift of a stone to show they would make a good partner.


  • The biggest shark is the whale shark, which can grow up to 50 feet.
  • Sharks have all the senses we have, (smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing). They can also sense electricity and vibrations in the water.
  • Sharks have no bones, their skeleton is made up of cartilage.


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    • profile image

      elena edward 5 years ago

      hi! i liked your facts i'd like to know more about turtules,penguins & lions.

    • lauralolita profile image

      lauralolita 8 years ago from Florida

      Hi Jluvies, Thanks for the comment and suggestion. Glad you enjoyed the read!

    • Jluvies profile image

      Jluvies 8 years ago from lost in my thoughts

      what about sharks and their sixth sense? or penguins and their soul mates? btw.. cool facts!!!!


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