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Cool animal tricks

Updated on September 23, 2017

Animals can do some amazing things.

This lens is all about animal tricks and amazing skills either taught or learned. Along with the usual dogs and cats there are birds and even insects who do some amazing things. So who is the smartest animal (or bird) on the block? Watch the videos and decide for yourself.

Animal tricks - trained or taught?

Many of these animals were trained to do what they do, others in these videos somehow figured it all out without any human intervention. My favorite tricks (if you want to call them that) are those done by birds having had a couple of birds that were to talk and mimic. Check out the videos on the New Zealand Kea - possibly the world's smartest parrot?

Amazing two legged dog.

More than just a learning a trick, this dog is an inspiration.

Animal tricks - precision swimming

Precision swimming goldfish - this has to be seen to be believed. This man has taught his goldfish synchronized swimming.

Goldfish can be trained to do quite a number of different tricks and are trained by rewarding them with food. I'm assuming this man used food to get his fish to follow his hand movements.

Very smart animals (and birds).

A compilation of some amusing and intriguing tricks and skills from animals (and birds).

Mimic champion - The Lyrebird.

Amazing bird mimics not only the calls of all the other birds in the neighborhood but also any other sound he hears. Chainsaws, car alarms, cameras, workmen....

Standing cat.

This video became viral. The cat that stands on it's hind legs to view the world outside the window.

Smart birds.

A collection of very smart bird videos from talking to making tools.

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Smart insects.

Ants have always been regarded as special insects in the way they work together. Check out these videos and be amazed at what they can do.

Pet Trick Books

A collection of books to teach your pet bird or dog some tricks.

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