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Hi I had spoken to you a few months ago about my three legged cat Nico and his weight issue.

Nico has been constipated for a few weeks now. He does release. But it does take a little bit, and I can hear him strain. I am very concerned. When I had taken him to my vet. I had told them I was concerned with his weight, and they had pushed it to the side. I just noticed a few days ago, that his stool was small, and was slimy and bloody. I read that adding pumpkin can help, but you had said you were going to look around for certain foods that may help with his weight. Do you have any recommendations, and any food that may help with his digestive tract. I had bought a few days ago at Petco,


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Retired Vet says

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5 years ago
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    sashak112 5 years ago

    Okay. Thank you for your feedback. He isn't losing weight. I think maybe that is what you had thought when you made the comment about loss of weight. I also added pumpkin to his diet, and this plant enzyme powder called fresh digest.