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Is my dog pregnant

I have a female dog and the first day I noticed she was I'm her first heat was Oct 27 and I watched her good but another dog that was being walked ran in to my house one day I got.him out as soon as I could but now I'm worried my dog is pregnant because her nipples are getting so much bigger now then when she was in heat also she won't leave me alone and won't stop sleeping also she has slowed down on Eatting but I don't think the male got a change to really do anything and there was no tie please help I called the vet we can not get in for two weeks


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Theophanes says

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4 years ago
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    mommyofseven 4 years ago

    He ran in to the house Nov 13 or so =( this is her first heat and I worked so hard to keep her away from any male dog I was out side with her each time she had to go to the bath room and my back yard is like a wooded area and lots of people with dogs

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