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I have a 6 week old female border collie/husky/golden retriever puppy with Parvo.

She started showing signs 4 days ago so got her to a vet right away & tested + for parvo. She's on Biomox & Cerenia for nausea, which has stopped the vomiting, and there is no diahhrea, nor has there been blood in any of her 3 stools which have all been solid & grainy w a little mucous. Giving her pedialite & water every 1/2 hr. she is playing & barking in small bursts & even running around. Can anyone tell me if my dog is going to be ok? She is my baby, an I absolutely adore her. I'm going to get her certified as my service dog when he is old enough. Best energies toward my little Dabs. <3


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Peeples says

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3 years ago
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